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August 16, 2010



Good news I am sure it will benefit a lot of people.

jack c

Well done Mr Blair.

David Hollins

Hypocrite - he should be taken to The Hague and tried for war crimes. This does not assuage his guilt for the following reasons:

1) He claims he said he was going to do this when he left office, which is a lie.

2) He begged Mandy to delay his memoirs to reduce the competition.

3) He is in amongst a glut of memoirs, but these need to do well to get further contracts. He needs to sell his book to get his view across.

4) He promised that my mother and other pre-1973 War Widows would be paid the same pensions as post-73 widows. He lied about that.

5) He has never attended a single repatriation of a serviceman killed in action.

6) He is a War Criminal.

7) He would have been hit for 50% tax anyway.


What David said.

But it gives me pleasure to imagine the excruciating pain that this decision must've caused Blair and his vulgar, greedy, grasping wife.

Victor Southern

Execellent. The British Legion will make good use of this money. It is not fitting, and I speak as someone who never liked Blair, to speak disparagingly of this gift.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I agree with Victor Southern on this. If Blai never did anythign else that was good in his time as PM, then this is one action of his which should meet with fullhearted approbation not condemnation.

Mark W

Well he is making many millions elsewhere anyway so doesn't really matter to him. But just think about it though although this money will be put to good use it gets Blair back in the public eye and some will say well done so it will give him the chance to build a bit of confidence in the Blair brand so he can got out and make many more millions and put his earnings through many more off-shore accounts. Just another ploy don't fall for it.

Peter Botting

Our guys and girls deserve every penny - from whatever source.

jack c

On this you either think that he should have given it to charity or that he shouldn't have done.
I know which one i think!

David J

It won't rescue his image though!

Bedd Gelert

Whatever one thinks of this, the hilarious thing is that this may now be the final in the coffin of El Gordo's exercise in ass-covering 'blamestorming'.

It certainly won't rescue Blair's image, but I can imagine many people who would have [pace Rupert Murdoch] "That bastard ain't getting a penny of my money !" may be persuaded to pick up the book out of curiosity or just for the sake of posterity.

David Hollins

Which is why he is doing it, so that his lying version of events gets more coverage and survives longer than Internet chatter. An appearance in The Hague should be his enduring image.


The way I look at it the money going to the british legion is only a positive thing. It will be spent well and help a lot of people. Im certainly no blair fan but am reluctant to make the war a political issue as in my opinion major, hague, duncan smith, howard and cameron, or any prospective labour leader would have probably made all the same choices if they had been primeminister.

Stephen W

Well I'll be damned. I honestly didn't think he had it in him. Good for him. Maybe being out of government has been good for 'old teflon Tony.

christina Speight

Naomi Campbell had blood diamonds - now the fine British Legion is accepting Blood Money. Everything Blair touches turns dirty.

Dual Citizen

Whatever we think of Blair, it would be very churlish to criticize this decision. The money (I assume ALL of his proceeds) go to support our injured servicemen. On this occasion I say well done Mr. Blair.

ken from glos

Read todays Daily Telegraph.As ever with Blair, read the small print and look for wriggle room.

Marise Palmer

If he wanted to give money to the British Legion he could easily have done so ANONOMOUSLY! But oh no the 'I love Tony Blair' machine in full swing yesterday - headline news everywhere when troops are STILL DYING IN AFGHANISTAN!
You are seriously deluded Mr. Blair if you think the British People as so easily appeased ........
Do us all a favour and keep quiet for a couple of years - and hire your OWN private security in the future for any of your dubious activities!

stewart Geddes

Why did he have to tell the world?

David Cann

A certain Mr A Hitler donated the takings from the English translation of his book, My Struggle, to the International Red Cross.

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