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August 11, 2010



I think he was right not to get into party politic discussions. It would have been totally inappropriate.

jack c

Juts look at the opening shot of that video and tell me if anyone would want him to talk about party politics.

Norman Dee

It would be nice to see how much some of the very rich Pakistani politicians stump up for their own people, a 10% skim off the top of some of the bank balances squirreled away around the world would probably pay for the UN's £300M demand.


Brown is the only person to talk about dying and suffering with a smile on his face!

The Brown terror is over

He looks like death warmed up.


Let us keep party politics well away from this tragic issue. I have grave reservations about the charities and also about how much of the relief will reach the victims but we have to dig into our pockets and hope for the best.


Gerry - ignoring the other comments here, which is what they deserve.... I have had some dealings with Unicef and would view them to be safe. Obviously not everything reaches the target but you do need a large number of people to organise this kind of effort - so that's not money wasted.


Surely they could find a better spokesman? Hasn't this guy taken (and squandered) enough of our money?

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