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February 05, 2009



Dear Tony,

Please can you come back and be Prime Minister again?


Northern Monkey.


Dear Northern Monkey,

You are joking aren't you?

Whilst he may be 100 times better than Brown as as a PM, he was still an awful PM - achieved almost nothing and helped put the UK on a road to social and financial ruin.




At times a great performer - but never more than that.

Could deliver the lines but never much more. And they were never his, nor did he believe them. And when they succeeded he didn't know what to to do with the power he had. No initiatives or success of his own. Would be consigned to history as a has-been - but there is a pre-condition for that title.

A wasted electoral win and honeymoon that Obama is sure to NOT want to replicate.


“Northern Monkey,

You’re not alone in this plea.

Me too!

Peter has no idea. Has evidently never looked at any of Blair’s or Labour’s history, or studied the issues he had to cope with, including dinosaurs in his own party.

Blair was bubbling over with vision and initiatives.

From the start, dumping Clause 4, winning three historical elections, devolving power to Scotland, Wales, London, Academy Schools, settling the centuries-long Northern Ireland conflict - I could go on. Blair will go down in history as a one-off and probably the most successful Labour PM ever.

And I am not and never was a Labour member.

Odd how the country had gone down the drain since he left.

Come back Tony. Your country needs you.

Btw, didn’t he make Obama look a newbie at the Breakfast thing? You can see it all at my site.”


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