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September 20, 2013



Is Godfrey Bloom, how can I put this , completely Barmy? Very funny though....


Why does ConHome keep rerunning Guido Fawkes stories?

Denis Cooper

"Gosh that's really terrible and it's put me off ever voting UKIP again."

There, is that OK?


Mad Godfrey Rides Again.....he's solid gold for the news channels.

Sally Roberts

I can't decide whether this man is actually mad or whether he just enjoys being offensive.


@Sally Roberts

Have you ever considered Sally that he is playing a very clever game. Apart from the handwringers I have yet to meet anyone who didn't tick up Godfrey in their estimation after his bongo bongo land comments, especially when all the other politicos started being ever so PC about it.

Watch Godfrey in the Euros, I have no doubt he will be top dog in his region. He is not PC, and that is a position that resonates throughout UKIP and the wider population. I also have no doubt there will be angst on the part of the liberals when he is re-elected, at a loss about how their carefully constructed PC world has been torn apart and rejected by the plebs.

Stephen Bishop

The left can't stop talking racism.


Crick is a smarmy and devious **** of the highest order, a supposedly upmarket version of Damian McBride. Good for Godfrey Bloom. He must have done something right if he is being criticised by Sally "Stockholm Syndrome" Roberts.

Phil Kean

Wow. This is A real game-changer.

2 or 3 million of us will have to have a serious think about our priorities.

(1) - Do we continue to vote for the ONLY party that stands a chance of rescuing Britain from disaster at the hands of the EU?

(2) - Or do we allow Britain's treacherous pro-EU Federalists to strip the British people of their right to choose - and remove - those who seek to Govern them?

I shall give careful thought to this over the weekend.


PS isn't the simple answer to Crick's question that, being a liberal party, UKIP picks candidates on merit and not on the colour of their skin? That of course is different from the approach of South Africa (both now and in the apartheid era); Nazi Germany; and the LibLabCon.


Godfrey Bloom is an idiot. Only a certain type of old reactionary would find his antics amusing. He reminds me of some weird kind of Peter Wyngarde parody figure but without the sideburns. Hey ladies...light my fire.

Span Ows


they don't; please don't buy into the 'you're either in front or behind' stuff. Mark Wallace was the source for Guido.


UKIP have removed the whip from Godfrey...

How libertarian and supportive of free speech :-)


I am surprised Michael Crick has not been punched in the mouth before now.
Channel 4 news, John Snow and Michael Crick are a left wing biased propaganda programme masquerading as the news.


Godfrey Bloom is long past his sell by date.


Godfrey made a wrong move, there was no brick in the newspaper.


Robertnow: yet again I agree with you. What is the world coming to.

Not Blue Labour

Well it certainly couldn't have happened to a more deserving cause than Crick the P***k!

Elaine Turner

Well, he seems to have scuppered Nigel's plans for victory - and that is Nigel saying it. UKIP really need to beef up their candidate selection. Bloom is toast - and probably a good thing too.

Steve Tierney

The man's bonkers. Every party has them, but most don't let them get quite so high up the ladder. Puzzled as to how UKIP "removed the whip" - they keep telling us that they have no whips. I guess that's more of their "always tell the truth" stuff.

Malcolm Wood

Shame this Bloom charactert can't control himself.
He has wrecked what should have been a great opening day for UKIP.

If UKIP could only prove themselves to be a force to be reckoned with, they are the only people who could shake Cameron out of some of his useless, high falutin, ego boosting policies and bring him back down to earth.

If UKIP could give him a scare, maybe he might concentrate on the policies that the people of this country actually care about.


Crick may be wildly irritating, but he is a very good investigative journalist. His biography of Archer helped bring down the Ignoble Lord, and he seems to have been the driver behind apparently clearing Andrew Mitchell.

George P

Lay off the poor chaps. This is clearly Bloom in a cross between defensive and dry-commic mode (he's not really accusing Crick of racism, just trying to turn the tables on Crick's innuendo). As for Crick he's a decent and fair minded jorno who has recently managed to get (more or less) to the bottom of the whole Mitchell fit up.

Farage is wrong to withdraw the whip (although I know it is allegedly for the "slut" comment) but, listening to the recording of that joke, it is abundantly clear that the laughter which followed the "slut" joke was of a substantially more feminine character than, for example, the other laughter on the same clip. This suggests that Bloom judged his (substantially female) audience correctly and they were not offended.

Source: second recording on this site:


Bloom is, nonetheless, clearly a party management nightmare, generating so much controversial publicity on the day when Farage was hoping the attention would be on his big conference speech.

This is probably the reason why Bloom is being disciplined. Farage doesn't like being the minor story on the day of his conference speech, that is all.

Gary Farrimond

This clown is one of my MEP's!

Whilst his 'audience' may not have taken offence at his comments regarding the 'S' word, I know plenty that have, indeed that sort of jibe has the potential to upset at least half of the electorate! Then the outburst with Michael Crick! Is this the real face of UKIP? Yes the Whip has been withdrawn from Bloom but his antics make me question how many more of his calibre are still in the UKIP ranks!

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