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June 08, 2013



That's nice but isn't this CONDERVATIVE home?


WTF going on here? #UKIPHOMe - the person who posted the clip is a moron.


This site has been ukip friendly for years. Remember vote ukip get Milliband. ukip offers no solutions just protests. Opportunistic losers.


Ukip have had 10 Councillors defect to them this week, 6 Conservatives, 1 Labour and 3 Independents.

They came 2nd nowhere in two Council by-elections this week.

Next year the local council elections will be on the same day as the Euro Elections - I foree electoral armageddon for Conservative candidates up and down the country.

Paul Harris

Farage sounds like the new Churchill. They seem to have it all mapped out, but I can’t help thinking the wit is just not up to scratch. I think Godfrey Bloom is good on that score, but Nigel Farage manages it some of the time and other times its cringe worthy stuff. UKIP conferences suffer badly in this department. I thought Patrick O'Flynn sounded like a thoroughly decent chap but the cringe factor was seriously too much. A lot of people say wit is a sign of intelligence. If you haven’t got it then it’s really embarrassing to fake it. Some should play safe. Lord Pearson had it more than any of them, but it was that ultra subtle kind that played hilarious tricks on BBC reporter’s minds.

Anyway, you can tell it really is getting big because of the size of that hall. It was completely packed out. Perhaps Farage is right though. Perhaps the UKIP thing might just crush all the other three parties. Quite often in the history of politics, where you get to a certain level it just sinks to nothing. All the various measures just point upwards for them. You can't help but come to that conclusion whichever way you look at it. They say there are 10 000 new members this year. They used to have a membership of 16-17 000 for years, and it hardly moved at all.


"Farage sounds like the new Churchill."

Good God, that a saloon bar bore can't be distinguished from a great orator and world statesman!


So the British vote Hungarians as the winners of Britains Got Talent. Stick that in your pipe UKIP closet racists

Alan Douglas

Churchill was not always a world statesman - he was a maverick, reviled by his then establishment, and kept out in the cold. Eventually he was proved right, and then became what we all know him as.

Nigel Farage seems to be on the smae track. Whether he is a great orator I do not know, but I enjoyed this speech.

Alan Douglas

Robert Eve

What a terrific speech - well done Nigel!!

Welcome Patrick.


Stop whinging you anti Ukip activists. Ukip is here to stay and is improving it's membership and popularity day by day.

It's party for those of us who want to see democracy returned to this country.

A party for those who want to home rule rather than EU rule.

A party for those who believe that the need of our naturalised and home born citizens should be served before the needs of others.

A party which believes that care of our elderly and vulnerable is of more importance than the throwing billions in foreign aid at corrupt dictatorships and Al Qaeda friendly countries.

I't a party for those who think that hard work and caring for the less fortunate in our communities take preference over quangos and inflated salaries of council and public service employees.

Many people who one thought UKip was for the lunatics have change their mind, many more will> Get over it!

Paul Harris

"Good God, that a saloon bar bore can't be distinguished from a great orator and world statesman!"

I knew that would get some.

OK well he's the 2013 equivalent, innit.

Stuart Guppy

I was at The Conference. Great speeches for each issue, education, immigration, HS2, Scot Referendum ( why do the lucky Scots get one, yet we British don't on EU), Economic strategy, and so on. All absolutely convincing. Nigel's 3 speeches in the 2 days cemented them all together.We have a strong vibrant team at the helm. Since 1st Jan 2009, Brussels regards Britain as no longer a nation, only a cog in the unwieldy fraudulent EU wheel as it lurches around going nowhere. Come on, folks. Link arms and get our democracy back before we are completely controlled. We can do it !

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