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June 22, 2013



"It's all a terrible mistake Old Boy a most unfortunate misunderstanding .They don't understand the pressures we politicians work under and the complexity of the rules ". (This might be attributed to Farage : Mercer or Cunningham - possibly)

Edward Huxley

If I heard right, he set up this fund in 2003 and closed it down years ago because he felt uncomfortable about it.

I`m sure there are cabinet members who have set up similar family trusts or are benefiting from one. George Osborne is oneI believe.


Or how about the Guardian Newspaper Group who, it is reported, through their owning company keep their assets overseas out of the reach of the inland revenue. And how about Margaret Hodge's trusts on which she pays a very low rate of tax. They are both legal, of course, but if you do it, then it is the height of hypocrisy to criticise others, as Hodge repeatedly does in her shrill and hectoring way.


There are 650 MPs in the Commons.

We got a good idea in the last Parliament of how 'honourable' most of them were .... they were blatantly defrauding the taxpayer. A significant number who made 'mistakes' with their expenses claims got away with it and some of those are sitting around the Cabinet Table. One, who was caught in THIS Parliament resigned from the Cabinet but was reappointed a year ago.

Then we have the likes of Yeo ............

I really don't care whether Farage set up an off-shore trust fund. It isn't illegal.

He's leading the only Party which is committed to getting my country back so he's getting my support.

Edward Huxley

Re above comments, I`ll be very surprised if Cameron and Co. come out with a statement criticising Nigel Farage, for reasons I stated.


So they don't turn up in the European Parliament when they need to be there to defend British interests, pocket the money and then put it in a tax avoiding trust fund for the kids. Real mould breakers UKIP!

George Stewart

It is so refreshing to see any stripe of politician go on record admitting a mistake!!

But wait, Farge is not a politician, thats why people like him.

Cameron and Company are on a witch hunt searching out tax evasion and even legal tax minimizing.
We should be demanding they self report and disclose.

Edward Huxley

Andrew Boff please note.

George Osborne has an estimated fortune of around £4million as the beneficiary of a trust fund that owns a 15% stake in Osborne and Little, the wallpaper and fabrics firm.


I heard a roumer that Camerons dad did the same
all in it together so to speak


@Edward Huxley: envy?

Edward Huxley

Reply to Mr. Boff.I`m aged 90, no family trust, started a business in 1946, still run successfully by my two sons.

As I said, you won`t hear a criticism of Farage and his trust, which he wound up years ago anyway.

No I`m not envious of pipsqueak Osborne`s inherited wealth from a family trust. I`m sure you won`t hear anything from him or his Cabinet chums about this either,for obvious reasons.

Malcolm dunn

Don't claim Edward that Nigel farage is one iota better than other politicians. He's not. He made a speech criticising tax evasion in the euro parliament he,s just a hypocrite like so many others.

Paul Harris

I don’t hold anything against him. I’m all for leaving the EU, but I’ve used EU legislation to protect my personal interests before. I’d have been a complete fool if I hadn’t. If the Mirror expects the UKIP to be martyrs then I think they are out of luck. Robert Maxwell once said accountancy wasn’t an exact science. Can you smell some hypocrisy around here?


Does anybody take any note of the Daily Mirror after all they support Ed Miliband and Ed Balls - a newspaper that is the enemy within.
Nigel Farage and UKIP are a breath of fresh air as David Cameron has modernised the Conservative Party to become no better or no worse than the Liberal Democrat Party and the Labour Party.
Read UKIP policies and decide.

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