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April 30, 2013



A couple! Lol


At least they seem to be diligent in getting rid of candidates or officials who are discovered to hold unacceptable views such as racism or support of gay 'marriage'. In contrast, Mr Cameron's "Conservatives", while rightly getting rid of racists, get rid of Christian candidates who express a Christian view of morality


Farage fielded JH's questions superbly. Impressive.


Excellent. Bring on the clowns. My favourite this week was the one who warned against "women of breeding age".

They may be absolutely bonkers, but by God the kippers are entertaining!

Elaine Turner

I heard this, this morning when it was first broadcast. I thought that Farage did rather better with his inquisitioner than Mr Milliband did yesterday. Farage had a clear idea of objectives and what the party stood for and where it wanted to be - Milliband was clueless.

However, Farage has few in his party who match him in eloquence. All he has is a good idea and a lot of voters - he needs more depth in his party.

Of course, there are many in the Conservative Party who believe in getting out of the EU and grammar schools... who are staying in the Conservative Party!

Malcolm Dunn

A bit of a silly interview? Why wasn't Farage asked what his local candidates would actually do if elected?

john parkes

Farage is being given an easy time by the media at the moment for reasons that are not hard to guess. They like tweaking the major Parties; they can rely on Farage to say something provocative and usually something rude about Cameron as well. However it has never been easy to understand how a Party of protest, standing for local government on a platform that has nothing to offer on that subject, can possibly pretend to have any clue what to do if elected at that level. The problem for Farage is that he is likely to read into a result that gives him councillors lessons for general elections that are unlikely to apply. Nevertheless it will do no harm for them to be exposed to public service so we can see what they are worth before they repeat the conduct they have shown in the European Parliament which is, to say the least, of limited value

Elaine Turner

This is a response to John Parkes. Back in the 80s the Libs only had a couple of handful of MPs.. they built their support up to the level they have now in Parliament by starting with local Govt. UKIP could do just the same thing - and of course, the more councillors they have, the more financial support they will attract and with that, the better jumping off point to Govt.

So whilst they are an imbuggerance principally to the Conservatives, they could do rather better in subsequent elections, excepting the Euro elections. Of course, like you, I believe a vote for UKIP is a vote for Milliband, but they are desperate to change the minds of the established parties and they are gaining traction. We ignore that at our peril I think. No point seeking the votes of those on the 'centre' ground, when we are losing so many of our core support and indeed activists to UKIP.

Robert DMML

John Parks: "Farage is being given an easy time by the media at the moment for reasons that are not hard to guess"
Read the comments of a proper Conservative, Norman Tebbit on how the smear campaign by CCO has been picked up and run by the europhile, lefty BBC and with great gusto and innuendo.

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