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April 07, 2013



Wonderful stuff.

A true conservative !!!

I only ......

Peter Buss

Unbelievable stuff from ConHome. Why on earth are you giving this man yet more free publicity especially when it is his chosen aim to destroy our Party?

Michael Turnock

A first rate comedian and quite possibly a genius!!!!
Dave and the rest of the liberal mafia must be quaking in their boots.

John Coles

Ah! How sweet it is to listen to a true conservative!


Excellent. Best of British luck to both Farage & UKIP!


Nigel Farage a true patriot and a politician who is unafraid to tell the truth.
The audience looked mainly older voters and young people need to read UKIP policies and think about putting Britain and the British people first.

Edward Huxley

Reply to Peter Buss, Nigel Farage attacks the Conservative party only because of its leadership. Unlike Cameron, Farage speaks out like a true Conservative which is why he is popular.

Peter Buss

Reply to Edward.ConHome should not be giving Farage the oxygen of publicity-especially on a day when he says hye would work with Miliband post 2015 if the latter wins the GE.

Edward Huxley

Another reply to Peter Buss. As I understand, he said if Miliband became PM and said he would grant a referendum on EU membership he could work with him. If you don`t like this on ConHome I don`t suppose you will like the coverage Farage gets in the Telegraph today either.

Farage is a Conservative, Cameron is not.


Robertnow makes a good point. The audience looks significantly older, on average, than that at the Conservative Spring Conference. Indeed it looks rathrr like the profile of the Conservative party during the run up to the election of Cameron as leader, when I was commonly the youngest person at local meetings. Now I am often the oldest - and it is not just the passage of time. I did not attend the ConHome event - I would be interested to know how the age profile compares. The young do indeed appear to be less interested in politics, perhaps because those who might have done are too busy saving up to explore Australia or Canada with a view to emigration.

adrian clarke

No wonder we wish to get away from Blair and now Blair clone to follow true Tory convictions from a man who dares to speak with the voice of the people

Martin Sewell

I attended one of his meetings. The audience was less " hideously white" than the Lib Dem Parliamentary party and more diverse than some Green Party meetings I have attended.

We would do well to recall that George Wallace and Ross Perot never won elections but had a massive impact on the US political landscape.

Nicholas Keen

If the audience represents his potential voting pool, it's going to be a diminishing stock.

Paul Harris

I’m not really a fan of Farage, but he made a good point about their education and upbringing. The only trouble is the UKIP are copying it but with greater vigour, via the Young Independents.

This is a Hitler Youth, just as those who got murdered on that island in Norway were Hitler Youth. I absolutely detest youth political movements. He contradicts himself because the YIs are the prodigies of the UKIP, but one must scrutinise the results to really see the danger of it. Those YIs are the political class in training. They had someone who was running for president of Sheffield University Union I think it was who was essentially a leftwing infiltrator. He was connected to a bunch of people who formed the UKIP’s LGBT group and that was then made official by the NEC. Another incident was again with something to do with a YIs where one was aiming to get into official positions etc who blurted out that he was for “gay marriage” (sic). Fortunately on that occasion Steve Crowther stepped in and kicked him out. Steve Crowther had since gone up in my estimation considerably, by the YIs still remain and commie infiltration is rife. They are playing the student Union game. The UKIP has essentially left the door open for them.

My view on children and teenagers is they shouldn’t get involved in politics officially. They should go out and enjoy themselves and spend their time making friends who may one day end up as business partners or wives and they should study proper subjects, like learning the history of this country and learning the sciences. It is very evil to use their naivety for personal political gain. It’s like the difference between having sex with someone and raping them. They are too young to give their consent to important and complex issues. When I was at university I stayed out of anything political in the union and I’m really glad I did. We had our own politics anyway. We were essentially learning by doing it our way and campaigning to the authorities on issues that affected us. We never got involved with other people’s politics. We knew it was bent!

Dave Hollins MBA

He is off to Poland next week - just another ridiculous little man playing demagogue to an audience of mostly elderly.


Nothing wrong with N Farage but plenty wrong with past and present
Lib/Lab/Con politicians as the past and present show.

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