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March 23, 2013



Nigel Farage a true patriot - if only UKIP could merge with the Conservative Party and David Cameron persuade Mr Farage to join the cabinet after being elected as an MP on a Conservative/UKIP ticket.


Farage is growing in confidence and increasing his political skills. He deserves to be taken seriously.

Bill Bailey

Wind power currently provides 15% of our energy. Farage is just jumping on another populist but mis-guided bandwaggon. Does he get his policy ideas from this website?


Dear Bill Bailey, stick to the hippy comedy as you dont do facts. Wind is NOT providing 15% of our energy and even if it was that leaves 85% being provided by conventional unsubsidised means

Dave Hollins MBA

He was too stupid to go to university and so went into brokerage - not far from the casino banking he affects to decry.

Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Nigel.


Nuclear subsidies?


In response to Dave Hollins MBA. There are many "clever" people who never went to university and many fools who hind behind their qualifications.

James J

This cold spell is a serious threat to the political class.If it shows our energy planning has been subverted by the Man Made Global Warming zealots and the lights start to flicker...


In reply to James J I think you mean Labour's energy planning. They were the ones who failed to negotiate with Norway to supply us with gas way before 2010.

Edward Huxley

I see Master of Business Administration David Hollins is back with the same disgraceful insult to Nigel farage- who, incidentally is married to a German.


Farage has something to say worth listening to, unlike the other party leaders.


Dave Hollins - who is stupid - the David Cameron hanging onto the EU and unable to govern the country or Nigel Farage who will exit the EU and put Britain and the British people first.
The Euro is failing and the EU is failing.

Dave Hollins MBA

He might even teach you and your chum Huxley how to spell and write a coherent sentence. The man is a demagogue, who offers nothing but hate and selfishness, followed by simplistic "solutions" to appeal to those, who lack the capacity or willingness to think his policies through. Look him and some of the MEP colleagues up to see what UKIP really is.

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