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February 08, 2013


Peter Buss

Can ConHome explain why you consider it important that you should include on a Conservative website the posturings of another Party Leader with whom we are even now engaged in a fierce struggle at Eastleigh? Why give him the oxygen of publicity? He is the enemy and not a friend.If Farage, then why not have Ed M or Clegg's responses to the EU budget deal on here? Until we start treating UKIP and Farage in the same way we would treat other Parties, and stop pussyfooting around and trying to appease them ,the more they gain an undeserved credibility.


Well done ConHome for putting the alternative conservative view on the EU. Probably the view of most of us Tory supporters.


Reply to Peter Buss.

That is a ridiculous thing to say. Why should what he says he be treated any differently to any other political leader?

This fixation with trying to vilify and censor #K#P is immature and hysterical. Conservatives won't stop defecting to them by trying to make them the enemy. The way to stop #K#P's rise is to return the Conservative Party to its core purpose and stop the abuse of loyal Conservative supporters.

Colin Smith


Surely the facts of any debate should interest us all ?

Or are you saying Farage is telling porkies ?

Or perhaps even that ConHome should be the new Pravda pehaps ?

What's wrong with honest, open, informed debate ?


This was a bad interview for Farage. Andrew Neil asked some good questions.


Good interview for Mr Farage straight,honest,what we have come to expect
from him.
Anti Andrew tried his best,but found it hard to argue against the truth.


The EU has agreed to a fairly small reduction in the EU Budget - and with the UK making a larger contribution.

And we're supposed to be impressed?

Farage is quite right. We do not want or need to be in a political union with other European nations. All we want is a trading relationship and it isn't necessary to stump up £53 million+ a day in order to trade.

Ricardo's Ghost

Yes, Farage is telling porkies. He says there is no prospect of British contributions falling below £50m a day. They're already below £50m a day.

UK Total Gross Payments = £15bn or £41m/day
If you take off the rebate this goes down to £12bn or £32/day
If you take off what public receipts we get our Net Payments = £7bn = £19m/day

Peter Buss

To Joe, Phil Colin et al. My point is this - "why just put Farage on here and not say Ed M or Clegg or come to that Lucas (at least she is actually an M.P) UKIP are the enemy - their avowed purpose is to destroy and then replace the Conservative Party.What on earth is this website doing giving free publicity to their Leader. Its bonkers.


To Peter Buss

There's no need to have representatives from Labour or the LibDems contributing to conservativehome.

We effectively have a one-party-state - with LibLabCON playing the part of the Trinity: three in one.

Cameron and the rest of the CONs are doing a marvellous job in representing the views of Labour and LibDems .... there isn't a fag paper between them.

UKIP is the ONLY Opposition.


Nigel Farage is truthful and personable and the UKIP policies are what is important.
According to political comment on the BBC David Cameron promoted single sex marriage to get rid of the old guard within the Conservative Party.
After the gay marriage imposition many Conservative members and voters will abstain or vote UKIP at Eastleigh.

Ross J

Peter has got a good point, isn't it time that Conservative home dropped the large C, and admitted what we all know to be true, it has become a site for all conservative people regardless of party affiliation. Indeed it has never adjusted to power, and is predominately a site of opposition.


Farage was absolutely right and he gave the information straight, as we have come to expect from him. We will end up having to pay more into the EU coffers. The central question is therefore can we afford it?

To me, Cameron appears disingenuous, and many newspaper claims wildly inaccurate. Cameron has come home stating that the deal is done. No it is not. Only the first part of the whole procedure has taken place. There is a two pronged process for approving the EU budget and that involves firstly the Council of Europe, and secondly the European Parliament. We have only passed the first hurdle, and now the proposal by the Council of Europe has to be put before the European Parliament and voted on. Then, and only then, can the EU budget proposals be finalised, and talk of victory and deals done have any worth.

The latest information is that Schulz and some colleagues are going to use a little known procedure to request that the MEPs have a secret vote. There are enough animosities amongst the MEPs, as well as the hostility to the proposed settlement from those MEPs who will not envisage a budget reduction at any price, to ensure that certainty is not the order of the day.

Who knows how this will end, but Cameron has certainly not secured a reduction in the budget yet. That all depends on the European Parliament vote, and initial indications are not at all favourable. However, the EP, as with all things to do with the EU, is unpredictable, so we are in the waiting game stage where political alliances are quickly being forged, and deals being done behind closed doors.

What is more important at the moment is that David Cameron has come home with the prospect of our contributions to the EU increasing significantly rather than decreasing. It really doesn’t matter whose fault that is now: the UK has to face up to the fact that yet again we are going to have to pay up even more to the EU, budget cut or not. Can we afford it? I think not.


The site has Tory Diary not ukip diary therefore should remain ConservativeHome (but we know it's inhabited by ukip trolls).


For once, I'm inclined to agree with those on this site who claim that Nigel Farage is an extraordinary politician. He was fantastic in this interview. Even Tony Blair would have been envious at the extent to which he dodged the questions with all the agility of the cheetah. Jeremy Hunt would have been envious at his ability to deftly slime his way out of a straight answer and waffle needlessly. For once in my life, I take my hat off.

William Blakes Ghost

There is one simple reason why Conhome provide recognition to UKIP. If they didn't the site would be as dead as that other Roon site 'Platform 10'.

I can understand why Roon doormats don't want UKIP supporters about though because it would save them the embarrassment of seeing their pathetic lines of spin get ripped to pieces. Roons should be more positive about it because at least they get advanced warning of how crap their spin lines are. Of course they are all too far up themselves to take notice but hey you can only lead a horse to water......


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The fact that Nigel Farage echoes the concerns of so many core conservative voters (or ex-voters ..) is not his "fault". It rests with a Tory party that has chosen not to listen to its core members. Those who are leaving or have left will be going elsewhere, and UKIP is likely to benefit. Fact of life.

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