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January 12, 2013


Man in a Shed

Spot on.

Note the use of the term European political union.

I wonder if that represents a line Farage will push. It makes clear what is at stake and makes it harder to laucnh the fear uncertainty and doubt attacks that Cameron has no doubt authorised for this week via his contacts.


Farage is very convincing. I have no trust or confidence in Heseltine.


So, this is what has become of the Conservative party.

Half of it represented by Heseltine, who hasn't been on the front bench for a generation.

The other half led by Farage, who has never even needed a party card to represent the loonies, fruitcakes and closet racists who have traditionally made up so much of the Conservative core vote.

All that's left is to sit back with some popcorn and watch the party tear itself ass to oesophagus. Should be fun :)


Replying to Spectator

Europe is also divisive for Labour as their Trade Union Chums hate European Immigrants. for taking British jobs ( so they say ).
Of course the Lib Dems love all things European since the sort of bureaucratic, indecisive , expensive government it produces is right up their cloud-cuckoo-land street.


The difference is that Labour's leadership has always been straight with it's supporters about wanting to be in the EU. It's already factored into their price, as it were. Same with the Libdems.

That's why UKIP is only really a problem for your lot - Conservative MPs are generally anti-EU in their rhetoric, but generally pro-EU in their policy decisions. It's that disconnect between what they say and what they do that's created such a great big fault line.

The question is, do you stop all the EU bashing, and let a chunk of your base go, or do you actually go UKIP, and abandon both business and the centre ground?


Didn't UKIP do rather well against Labour in Rotherham ?

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