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January 06, 2013


Edward Huxley

Cameron has always refused to withdraw his disgraceful "fruitcakes and closet racists" jibe about UKIP and his latest insult is that we are "some pretty odd people".

So it`s open war then and the Tories will be the losers for this full of his own importance creep`s rudeness.


Nigel Farage a patriot who is unafraid to speak out about the EU, immigration and gay marriage.
What a pity that David Cameron does not understand that many Conservatives are attracted by UKIP policies rather than his liberal agenda.


Compare Farage's direct and transparent replies to Murnaghan's questions with the equivocation and dissembling of Cameron on the Andrew Marr Show.

UKIP members want the UK to be self governing and independent. If that makes us 'ODD' Cameron has a really strange idea of what 'odd' means. That's what we were in 1969, before the Conservatives took us into the EEC and it's what we had been for the previous 1000 years.

I don't think it's UKIP members who are odd. The odd people are those who prefer to outsource our governance to an unelected, anti-democratic supra-national body whose leaders make it perfectly clear that they hate the UK and despise the British people.

Public Sector Worker

Maybe Farage should take his own advice and stop being so insulting. I know he doesn't like the EU, but he should treat others with a modicum of respect if he believes he should get some as well.


Farage's comments are clear and ring true. So UKIP might be seen as a "protest" group, but there are a hell of a lot of us who support them because they reflect our feelings. Those who haven't yet made up their minds, just wait till the welfare system collapses when all the peasants arrive in a year's time from eastern Europe, for their free handouts. Sad fact but people have to be taken to the very brink of disaster before they wake up and take action.

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