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December 07, 2012



Farage was more broad ranging than his usual anti-EU monologue. He spoke eloquently about a number of issues that concern grassroots Conservatives such as the politicisation of social services, foreign aid and small business. He is growing in confidence and deserves being taken seriously. I will stop calling him a one-trick pony.

Sean O'Hare

@RutlandReliable Attaboy!

Dave Hollins MBA

Because, you small-minded idiot, if Africa meets its power needs with coal or other fossil fuels, which will further increase climate change. Think it doesn't matter, Fuhrer Farage in your base appeal to the drawbridge mentality - well, have a think about the prolonged droughts and floods in the UK. You see, what happens beyond Dover does affect us, after all.


Alhough I`m biased as a UKIP supporter I think the good point is at last the BBC and the media in general now accept that the party is here to stay and we will get a fair hearing, all we have ever asked for.

Archie Ponsonby

At least I can believe Farage, unlike the present incumbent of No.10!


I see our Master of Business Administration is back with his usual insults. Please keep them coming, they are much appreciated and help to increase party membership.

Small minded idiot, Fuhrer Farage. drawbridge mentality. come on, you can do better than that.


Farage talka a lot of good sense, and it is advantage to have an interviewer who allows the politician to speak uninterrupted (fide the narcissistic Evan Davies' self-aggrandisment yesterday). The BBC, having seen UKIP taking votes away from the Conservatives, clearly has a new policy to be as friendly as possible to UKIP.

It doesn't add up...

To Dave Hollins:

Africa's entire primary energy consumption is equal to about two years' growth in energy consumption by China. If you really want to have an impact on fossil fuel use, tackle China.

Meantime £2bn buys a tiny quantity of windmill generating capacity, especially once you take account of the low wind speeds in Uganda. Frankly, it's a waste of money that could be better spent elsehow. Most likely the project will increase carbon emissions by the time account has been taken of the associated infrastructure, etc.

William Blakes Ghost

To Dave Hollins

Does MBA stand for 'Moronic Bigoted Arse' by any chance? As it happens Wind Turbines are about the most inefficient form of clean energy there is. Cameron and his Downing Street Daleks make the wrong choice once again and in doing so pour more hard earned taxes down the drain. Given the northern half of Africa is mostly desert and much of the rest is warm and it is surrounded by ocean surely it would make sense to use Solar, Wave and Geothermal Power Exchange technologies rather than waste all that cash on possibly the most perverse and absurd of phallic symbols ever devised by a narcissistic liberal urban elite.

Presumably they are doing it to line the pockets of some foreign energy company who employ as many immigrants as the Home Office can squeeze into the country and avoid tax by siting their head offices in Luxembourg or the Caymans or somehere?

And I won't even bother getting into the absurd commitments made by dipshit Dave over International Aid.


MBA "Means B***er All

Nicholas Keen

Hasn't it been out of fashion for some time now to post one's academic credentials after one's name?


I would imagine that the combined power needs of East Africa are very small. As long as there is no copper cable involved some power may get through to the point of use.

However, the £2-billion [is this a new grant or part of the statutory 7%?] could we well-spent at home where we have great shortage of money. It is hard to see how this can assist the UK economy as we don't even make the wind turbines ourselves.

Span Ows

Well, I agree with all that NF said and I wish against wish that it was Conservatives saying it. The reason that he was allowed (and will be allowed more in future) by the BBC to go on (very well indeed) was that the BBC see this as a 2nd front against the Conservatives.


Dave Hollins
Hello Dave , still as bias as ever i see, i spent some time in
Uganda,a lovely country to Mar with useless wind turbines,the
only wind i noticed there was coming from big DADA,you may have
an ideal conpanion in Amin,another one who could not see sense.


To Dave Hollins MBA.

The climate in changing - but it has always changed. Or do you suppose that the Roman and Medieval warm periods were caused by burning too much wood!

There is no proof that the current variation in the climate is man-made and there is certainly no proof whatsoever that £2 billion of BORROWED money spent in corrupt African regimes is going to make the slightest bit of difference.


How wonderful it is to have a commonsense party to vote for. One led by a man who speaks plainly; answers a question without obfuscating and who doesn't patronise the listener.

There's no way I will vote Conservative, whilst the idiot Cameron and his pro-EU wets are in charge. It's UKIP for me and if that means Labour gets in because there are millions of braindead tribal voters, so be it. They can't do much worse that the CONs.

Matthew Reynolds

Can we not at least do trade deals with nations that we give aid to that higher levels of growth help the jobs situation both in the UK and in the nations that we send aid to ?

If we built the wind turbines involved and under the terms of the aid the nations receiving it had to buy them from us then that might help our exports and manufacturing base.

Dave Hollins MBA

Oh look, the UKIP nutters have shown up and avoided the issue completely - namely that Farage is so convinced that the world ends in Dover, he cannot see the aim of the policy. It may be the wrong system or paid for inefficiently, but the intent of the policy is clear. Fuhrer Farage just thinks nothing should be done and we can avoid the consequences. his small-minded supporters think the same way - I notice none of you have addressed the key issue, but what can we expect from those, who slate education?

The BBC must have Farage and his rants on, due to the Charter need for political balance. That was why Nick Griffin was on QT.

Dave Hollins MBA

"embracing shale gas" - which is full of methane, a substance causing ten times the greenhouse effects of CO2. Still, who cares, we will be okay in the UK .... erm ,won't we?

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