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November 23, 2012


Span Ows

I doubt you'll see/hear [all] this on the BBC! At least not without some narrative setting their agenda...



I`ll be interested to read comments on this. He was quite sympathetic to David Cameron.

Peter Thurgood

I personally think Nigel spoke not just for UKIP but for the British people as a whole, and as Huxley said above, he was quite sympathetic to Cameron.

I did read this week that Mr Farage is supposed to be winding UKIP up and returning to the Conservatives in return for a safe seat - I sincerely hope there is some truth in this?


Reply to Peter Thurgood, I think there will have to be some major changes in the Conservative Party for that to happen. A fresh start with a new name perhaps?


It's really not surprising that the BBC does it's utmost to keep Nigel off the TV and radio as much as possible. And it's not surprising that Cameron refused to debate with him.

Farage has a simple, straightforward message which the British people increasingly agree with and he speaks in the language of ordinary people.

Man in a Shed

Once Leveson goes through we'll be replying on Russia Today for news from the free world...

John Roberts

Pity you don't headline and transmit the attack on Farage which claimed that the major waste of EU money was in paying Farage himself for three years of non-attended EU committee meetings ! Let's have some balance in your coverage.


Thank god Farage hasn't been wasting his time in EU committee meetings!


Poor Nigel. He always gets his facts wrong. I run a company. Nothing stops me dealing with the rest of the world. Repeat nothing. And I am not alone. Indeed surely the figures show we are now selling more to the rest of the world than we are to Europe? A fact Nigel doubtless conveniently ignores as he blazes out his deeply silly rants.

nigel green

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