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November 26, 2012



Spot on Nige! Yet again, Mr Farage hits the nail firmly on the head.


Nigel always puts the hammer on the nails head squarely and with force.


Absolutely right. Nigel Farage always gets straight to the point. There would be no need for Lynton Crosby if the Conservative leadership listened to grassroots.


I wonder what Lynton Crosby's attitude to Farage will be at the next election?

George Lees

Yes, it is not just UKIP members Cameroon offends - he has a pretty good line in offending Conservative members too! Anyway no point in UKIP doing a deal with a party leader who can not win an election.


Cameron is the party's biggest electoral asset, as all the polls confirm.

Anon R

Just imagine a tri-party coalition - UKIP, Tory,Lib-Dem !!


Bad form for Cameron to keep on smearing UKIP voters as racist. This Rotherham episode gave him the chance to build a few fences, and build a few fences with his own activists who mostly support UKIP's stance, instead he has chosen to keep the antagonism going.

As Cameron hasn't seen fit to withdraw the insult he made of UKIP, I presume as such a man of his word which is never to be retracted , he stills views English people as 'Sour faced little Englanders' as he called us.


"Cameron is the party's biggest electoral asset, as all the polls confirm.
Posted by: verma"

More like he's UKIP's biggest electoral asset; the more he U turns on U turns, the better things become for UKIP. Nigel is straight-hitting and straight-talking; that's what people really want, if they are honest; you know where you stand.

You can't prevent truth coming to the fore; only delay it a bit.


NigelFarage is correct in his assessment of David Cameron. He and his clique are THE problem. Ever since he became party leader, there have been shockingly bad judgements, policies and actions, not to mention U-turns on ill-thought-out proposals. The list is huge. Many of us have been saying for years that Cameron (who is really a left-leaning liberal) must be replaced by a proper Conservative who believes in the core values that the majority of the working population instinctively supports. We could easily gather in the blue-collar votes that were lost after Margaret Thatcher's premiership. And we could wrench our poor diminished country from the slavering maw of the EU.

christina Speight

Cameron is the reason many of us refuse to finance or work for the Conservatives and leave quite a few unable to promise support in a General Election. With him in charge the election will be near impossible tro win.

So ' verma' says "Cameron is the party's biggest electoral asset, as all the polls confirm. Maybe that's true of the remaining stalwarts but he'sa a;so the reason the rest are semi-detached.


I`m one of many former Conservative activists who left the party and joined UKIP.Cameron`s biggest problem is that he has shown he cannot be trusted.

He still refuses to apologise for and withdraw his disgraceful racists smear about UKIP. A bad mannered bully, not fit to lead his party or his country.

Nigel is right. I repeat, the man cannot be trusted.He also lacks the essential quality in a leader, judgement.

Dave Hollins MBA

Amazing arrogance from Fuhrer Farage: First, he assumes that UKIP voters will automatically vote Tory (unlikely in the case of the Rotherham fostering couple) and secondly, he is trying to tell the Tory party whom to elect as leader.

interesting strategy though ...

Jimminy Wicket

One thing that has to be said for Nigel Farage is, he is straight John Bull and to the point, no iffing or butting, he has never been afraid to speak out on unpopular subjects other's will not touch!!

William Blakes Ghost

Cameron thinks a quarter of his own supporters (who would consider voting UKIP) must be 'closet racists'. Why would any mainstream conservative want to work with Camerton. He's a bigot of the first order and clearly an individual who is utterly and totally politically inept.

Farage is right not to go near the Tories with a barge pole while Cameron is in charge. Cameron is a disaster and a nasty toxic one at that!


Verma sounds worryingly like Magda Goebbels in the Berlin Bunker on the evening of 30th April 1945. Will she, like Magda, be unable to bear the thought of the moonscape that the UK will become without her beloved Dave to lead her?


Well said Nigel. A brave man with principles, who isn't afraid to take on the Establishment. He is the Prime Minister this country should have. Not the weak, unprincipled Quisling in No.10.


I have a problem with Farage. He constantly stinks of nicotine and often drink.

michael mcgough

You get that close Phfellow2004 ?What does Cameron smell of--bullshit ?

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