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November 01, 2012



The trouble with this “thousand homes” stuff is that this is not the same as “a thousand household’s energy demands” and yet a lot of people think they are the same thing.

Paul McKeown

Delingpole - a blithering fruitloop.


Oh look, the BBC again.

Keep fighting the good fight ConHome.

Paul McKeown

"We'll have a bat back ... and the two of youse."

Andrew Neil knows a fruitloop when he sees one.

Juan Sheet

OMG, could there be 2 more economically illiterate, logically confused individuals? Abbot and Costello comes back to life. Poor Delingpole would have had to talk at 90 words a minute to deal with the barrage of nonsense that spouts forth from Green and Red mouths:

When the wind isn't blowing, that's no problem because we'll be connected to wind farms all over Europe! Well, in that case, each geographic region would need the capacity to supply the entire EU quota on it's own.
If we don't build thousands of wind farms, think of all those green jobs being lost! Has Lucas never read up on Bastiat, or the recent studies showing the loss of multiple real jobs for every green job created.
She nods her head in disagreement when Delingpole mentioned spinning backup.
I am at a loss for words, I really am. What kind of imbeciles are running our country?

God speed John Hayes and James Delingpole.

Mystic Merv

Mr Danglepole was always deluded - this just reinforces his position.

Nick Phillips

Oh please, as if he did this for anything other than further self-publicity.

Still, he continues give the Telegraph loons (and Juan Sheet) enough to froth over.


That man isn't playing with a full deck. Before a turbine can be erected there have to be some really stringent ornithological surveys completed to ensure that birds etc won't be affected. Also, implying that they will be a complete answer is nonsense, of course they won't be and nobody with a brain in their head thinks that they should. They have to form part of a package of solutions. If people want to be dependent on foreign sources of energy in the future then that is up to them but I for one think we need to get a grip on ourselves and stop spouting express reader style nonsense about wind power, stop pretending that all forms of power aren't subsidised and focus on how to have a modern, 21st century energy sector that is going to allow us to be a player in an expanding global industry and not be left to be the playthings of the current hugely dysfunctional international energy industry.

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