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June 22, 2012


Malcolm Dunn

The poor Queen. I hope she spits in his face.


I hope she doesn't!

Grow up, it's time to move on.

Julian Freebody

Why? She has no power. She has no relevance. She is an empty vessel. She has no views; what the Ancient Greeks termed 'idiot'. She cannot do anything. Fortunately. She is unelected. She has no moral legitimacy. All she does is shake hands. And wave. Poor Martin wasting his time on such an unelected nobody.


Should have felt with the Irish long ago. Built a big wall and left to it. Let's do it now with scotland. Rebuild that crappy thing the Romans left and make a proper job

Andrew Smith

Well Martin McGuinness used violence, maiming and murder to try to overthrow the state. He has never been held accountable for those illegal acts. He is now accepted as a minister in a province and is to be received by the Sovereign as if a normal British citizen.

Meanwhile those of us who seek to defend the British state are treated with contempt and derision and called names - those who want democracy, accountable government and disagree with the policy of successive leaders of the old Westminster Parties, we are to be called names and shut out of public debate for years on end; only recently has a small chink opened up, and mainly in the non-BBC controlled media.

What can we learn from these circumstances?

Is there partisanship at the palace or is the then current PM in office to blame.

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