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May 04, 2012


39% & Rising

Thanks UKIP. Keep up the good work

The Labour Party

Malcolm Dunn

This was a more sensible interview from Nigel than the one he gave to the world at 1 where he said that it really didn't matter if it was Cameron or Milliband who governed Britain as they were both the same. To coin a phrase that really was 'f***ing b*****ks'.


All this talk of UKIP 'success' is a lot of fuss about nothing. They weren't sucessful, and they're still nowhere.

The low turn out always means that the extremist parties are going to do abnormally well because they're supporters are motivated enough to vote at every opportunity. That's especially the case when they avoid poaching each others supporters, as UKIP and the BNP are clearly doing.

But beneath all of the froth, what do they have? Hardly a dozen councillors between them. Hardly Blair 97, is it?


To be fair, Malcolm, neither Labour or Conservative parties have grasped the fact that the most important problem our country faces today is that some Muslim women wear burqas.

It's only UKIP/BNP who have the sense to see that we should concentrate on dealing with that priority.

It's vital, you know. Vital!

Robert DMML

Thanks to the Cami-Nickers Party, keep up the good work. If you want to take Britain down the EU tubes we wont be coming with you - you are on your own, indeed we will want to help flush you down the tube just as quick as you can say goodbye Cameron

UKIP supporter


Good interview from Nigel. It's wonderful to have a party leader who speaks like a normal person and who puts the interests of the UK above those of the EU.

Sean O'Hare

JohnO | May 04, 2012 at 02:58 PM

Would you please stop misrepresenting UKIP policies. The suggestion was to ban all face covering in public places, which would have included motorcylist visors face masks in general. It was only a suggestion and never got to be official party policy anyway.

Sean O'Hare

The fact that the Con/Lab/Lib are going all out to attack UKIP is a sure sign that they are getting really worried. Their discomfort is highly gratifying.


Nigel Farage is a patriot and UKIP have many "conservative policies" and people need to make themselves aware of them.

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