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April 15, 2012


Ross j Warren

I can't speak for Tory MP's but it is abundantly clear that evermore party supporters are looking at UKIP and liking what they see. Can they translate their European election success to the house of commons? We will have to see if the current discontent with the PCP is sustained.

UKIP Basingstoke

The Tory Party has to stop blaming UKIP for its ills - look closer to home. If you have a yellow backed blue running your party what do you expect? Don't blame others for your mistakes!!

Y Rhyfelwr Dewr

Interesting. How very, very interesting. I always assumed these rumours were simply that, but today, first Nadine Dorries states that she knows of at least one, and strongly hints of more than that; now, Andrew Neil thinks there enough to it to be worth addressing on his programme, and Nigel Farrage declines to deny that "That's a yes". Now I want UKIP to gain in popularity just to relieve the suspense!

Mike Barnes

Tory defection is the only way UKIP will ever get an MP. The certainly won't get one at the ballot box.


UKIP will always find it difficult to gain MPs from a situation where it has no second places in previous elections as the 'wasted vote' argument still works. However, a defecting MP would make it much more likely that those tempted to vote UKIP in that constituency would not consider voting UKIP a wasted vote - therefore, it may indeed be retained by UKIP. Once a few MPs are elected, the wasted votes argument will begin to lose its force everywhere.

Interesting times.

Phil Kean

Who'd have ever thought that Cameron would be UKIP's most successful recruiting sergeant?

Despite what the un-thinking may say, it gives me no pleasure looking forward to the certain Tory melt-down in 2015.
The Lib-Lab-Con conspiracy has finally shot its bolt. Increasing numbers of voters from across the political spectrum are looking to move to a genuine alternative. UKIP will either be that alternative, or better, be valuable part of that alternative, along with Tory, Labour and DUP MPs and MEPs.

What pleases me today is how aware some Tory writers have become for the need to bring this matter into the open. Tim has been right to do so and the country should thank him for it.

This fight has nothing to do with loyalty. The fight is for Britain, British democracy & prosperity, and the Conservative Party's very survival as a credible, respected party.

Time is running short. Whatever is done needs 2 years to establish before the 2015 General Election.

UKIP Basingstoke

Cameronville will destroy the Conservative Party for a generation as the right wing of the party will never forgive him or the party for ridiculing and ignoring them so openly. The Tory Party will not 'shoot down' their PM so soon into his premiership but if the grumbles have already started - by 2015 there will be nigh on open warfare if he is behind in the polls.
As I have said before - what an unholy and troubled tribe the Conservatives are at the moment!

michael mcgough

From bipolar coalition to broken party in one term;that'll be one hell of an achievement if it happens.When you put self and chums before party and before country anything can happen and probably will.


Meanwhile Jerry Hayes over at Ian Dale still insists on calling UKIP 'loonies, fruitcakes and closet racists' thereby branding a large proportion of the Conservative Party in the same category - as it seems a significant number basically agree with UKIP on a great deal of things. http://www.iaindale.com/posts/why-tim-montgomerie-has-got-it-wrong-on-ukip

Apparently, Cameron isn't for turning. (Mind you, that'll be a first - he's U-turned more than any PM I can recall). It willl be interesting to see if the Party agrees with him.

I do hope the MPs jump ship soon and Nadine Dorries joins them.


The reality is that David Cameron changed the Conservative Party to make it electable and I joined the party because of my admiration for him.
Two years later as a Prime Minister of a Coalition he has embraced a left wing/liberal agenda regardless of the Liberal Democrats.
This has alienated many mainstream Conservatives.
Conservative members and others may decide to abstain at the local elections and later after taking the time to read UKIP policies decide this party represents them and their opinions.

Phil Kean


Tim's 'Nadine blog' has hundreds of constructive comments, whoever that bloke was has 5, and 2 of those were his.

Tim and Nadine know that bringing this matter into the open is the best chance of affecting some sort of change before a Tory annihilation of such magnitude in 2015 that they will never govern again in their own right.


The so called eurosceptics hold the answer,if they were to cross the floor it would be game,set,match to UKIP.Instead they are doing a Lucan by supporting a party who are guilty and at odds with a lot of it's own membership,in turn this
party is supporting an anti English/U.K regime.
Long may UKIP multiply,


No they won't. UKIP's like the BNP. It may do well on protest votes, but it's never going to be a serious parliamentary force.

Why? Because it can't stop its crackpot candidates from slipping their straitjackets at inopportune moments.

Take this specimen, for example:


Yes, there will always be people who will vote for such loonies, fruitcakes and racists, but they aren't concentrated enough to elect an MP. Thank God.


Sounds like Cameron is going by the name of JohnO.

Cleethorpes Rock

Interestingly, it's not the issue of the EU that is making many Conservatives dissatisfied with the party. The EU is symboic of the party's indifference to regular people and many of the policies wil of course be linked to the EU, but when I think of areas of policy that have annoyed me, it's things like the Human Rights Act, Extradition Treaties, the Eurozone bailouts, higher taxes on lower income workers, more regulations on business (which I have noticed have had a detrimental effect on the business that I work in), the deliberate inreases in petrol prices, the channeling of public money to the Labour Unions, the increases in "green" taxes, the lack of action on job creation, the continuation of the benefits culture and the benefit giveaway to third world immigrants, the putting up of National Insurance and the general antipathy towards people who want to work hard and get on in life.

In all of these areas, UKIP are talking the language not only of Conservative Party members, but of most of the country. Their positions on all of the areas above are in line witht he centre of mass of the Brtish people, THE Centre Ground. By failing to occupy the centre ground, the Conservatives are surrendering the centre to UKIP and can't really complain if people start to drift off there.

Steve Tierney

UKIP, Conservative, we have a common enemy. The socialists and "social liberals" (socialists still.) All this in-fighting is like a bad break-up in a close family. It serves nobody but the Left, who must be laughing their pants off.

I know UKIP will say: "Cameron's government is just the same as Lib/Lab" - but it's NOT is it? That's just plain silly.

I know hard-core Conservative loyalists will say: "UKIP are all nutters and have no chance of winn" - but they're NOT are they? And there is a perfectly good chance that a little momentum might turn into something bigger.

The truth is none of us know what will happen. But I tell you this - a Labour government, or a Lib/Lab coalition, would leave us all pining for these days of Cameroonian angst. A day doesn't pass where the government isn't doing something that drives me bonkers, but even on the worst day it's still nothing like Gordon Brown.

Or have we forgotten who brought us to all this?

Cleethorpes Rock

Steve, you're right, but why don't the government just do even a couple of the things that the public want, which would be enought to kil off UKIP?

Scrapping the HRA, pulling the plug on the Euro Bailouts, freezing fuel duty and deporting Abu Qatada would give Cameron a pain-free, cost-free, ten-point bounce in the polls. The only people who would complain would be the Lib Dems, and we al know how popular they are at the moment.

 Andrea Chenier

Nigel Farage should come back to the Conservative Party and than we can duly elect him as leader. In that way we would be assured of a majority at the next election 2015


In answer to steve t and cleethorpes,
in a lot of respects Cameron is following in Browns footsteps, not quiet as bad
but working on it,plus before he can do anything about euro bailouts,deportation
issue's etc,etc,he must release himself from his self inflicted E.U handcuffs and
i do not believe he is to keen to do that.

Ricardo's Ghost

Nigel should be careful what he wishes for. If he ends up with a gang of six ex-Conservative MPs sitting for UKIP, how long before one of them starts acting like the Party Leader, and how long before one of them challenges him for the leadership?


Many Conservatives see UKIP as the real Conservative party. They may not get any MPs elected but they could attract so many conservative votes that they will erode the Conservative majority and let in Labour or Lib Dems candidates. Those MPs with small majorities should be really concerned that it is likely to disappear. The Party must change its Leader if it is to win the next election.


In reply to Ricardo's Ghost,
Doe's that not come under the heading democracy.

Dave Hollins MBA

They really love old Nige on Conservative Home, as they really want him to be their leader (Nick Griffin is just a bit too rough for theor middle class sensibilities). If you challenge their swivel-eyed frothing, they delete your comments - yet here they all are, complaining about a lack opf democracy and free speech!


Now here's a scary thought; Anders Behring Breivik.

If you Europhiles truly believe you have everyone's support, think again.

That Norwegian killer was most certainly the perpetrator of an act of pure evil but his political 'agenda' is widely recognised and largely supported.

Hostility to the multi-cultural, neo-marxist, anti-democratic European Empire is far deeper and more widespread than our 'beloved' Hampstead thinkers and Ivory tower Tories would have us believe.

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