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April 16, 2012



Democracy in action - "a plague on all your houses" seems to have been the message from Bradford West to the main politcal parties. That said, it is still an amazing achievement for George Galloway.


Ed Miliband and the Labour Party ignored the Muslims in Bradford West and lost the election.
David Cameron and the Conservative Party are ignoring the Christians and Muslims in England and will lose the next GE.

Robert DMML

I thought Gorgeous said he was MP for Blackburn. You just can't believe a word they say, can yer?

Curious Cabbages

Some rate him as an orator, and in a way his presence in Parliament, rather than prison, demonstrates a certain commitment to pluralism and allowing the voice of the minority to be heard. But you cannot forget his past: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/bsp/hi/pdfs/11_05_05_psi_report.pdf

Curious Cabbages

Quoted for truth: "Despite Galloway’s denials, the evidence obtained by the Subcommittee, including Hussein-era documents from the Ministry of Oil and testimony from senior Hussein officials, shows that Iraq granted George Galloway allocations for millions of barrels of oil under the Oil for Food Program. Moreover, some evidence indicates that Galloway appeared to use a charity for children’s leukemia to conceal payments associated with at least one such allocation. Lastly, according to senior Hussein officials, the oil allocations were granted by Iraq because of Galloway’s support for the Hussein regime and his opposition to U.N. sanctions."

Oh, and

"The documents presented in this Report have no relation to those discussed in the Daily Telegraph piece. First, the Daily Telegraph article cited documents from 1992 and 1993, whereas the earliest document examined here dates from 2001. In addition, the seemingly forged documents in the article were connected to the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, while the documents examined by the Subcommittee were prepared by the Iraqi Ministry of Oil and its subdivision SOMO. Finally, the Daily Telegraph documents reportedly included allegations that Galloway was on the payroll of the Hussein regime, receiving a salary or direct payments. In contrast, the evidence examined by the Subcommittee indicates that Galloway was granted oil allocations that would have to be monetized through complex oil transactions."

Malcolm Wood

OMG!! I live in Bradford and wonder what we have done to deserve this.
Blatant lobbying of the faith/race vote won this election. Absolutely nothing to do with local issues.
Don't know about Georgous George, I'd call him Dangerous George Galloway.
Very dangerous precedent has been set here.
Who will be the next to follow this trend...Ken Livingstone possibly??

Clr Ralph Baldwin

TO: the Labour Party.

If you do not recognize this as a sign why you should give up completely the pursuit of power for the interests of the UK until you actually show some real courage and do whats right for the UK rather than your vain pathetic and shallow ambitions then you are truly finished whatever the outcome of the next General Election.

Ross J Warren

Even though I think George is a devious, dangerous man, the HoC will be better for his return. In fact George may represent the rump of Old style Labour rather well.

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