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April 22, 2012



This is so true and ought to be obvious to everyone but there seem to be millions out there committed to the flat earther belief that differences exist.

It doesn't add up...

Surely this isn't news?

"There's barely a cigarette paper between us in all these areas." David Cameron 20 Sep 2009



Farage is the most realistic leader at the present time the others are shackled by what they can't say and he despite a lifetime voting Tory will get my vote I am sick of being misled by Cameron.

Joe DeMocritus

He's absolutely right.

There is no real difference between what we had under New Labour and what we have now under the Coalition. They are both of the same Blairite centrist build using 'triangulation' to try to keep their core support.


The only difference being the three leaders inside leg measurement,known
nationwide as the three in one party

Steve Tierney

It is over-the-top rot like this which prevents UKIP doing better than they are. Everybody with half-a-brain can see there are plenty of differences between the parties and so it makes people who parrot this stuff doubt their good sense. Certainly, we are nowhere near as sound as I'd like us to be, but that doesn't make us "the same" as Labour, no matter how many simplistic bullet points are trotted out.

Malcolm Dunn

Absolutely Steve Tierney

Public Sector Worker

So, tell me Nigel, what is the difference between you and the rest of the parties?

The only thing I can see is that you want a referendum on Europe, which if you got your way would destroy your party as you have a few MEP's but no MP's.


Farage doesn't just want a referendum on Europe - he wants out. Cameron does want a referendum and says that the EU is good for us. That's a big differnce!


I missed a critical word above.
Farage doesn't just want a referendum on Europe - he wants out. Cameron does NOT want a referendum and says that the EU is GOOD for us. That's a big differnce!

John  Prendergast

Tories are getting more like Labour, Labour and Liberals have a Fabian Sup[er Europa Core.


The local elections will show that Conservatives will either abstain from voting or vote UKIP.
I look forward to David Cameron's response after 3 May.

Ricardo's Ghost

So are we to take it that UKIP do not consider spending cuts, education or the NHS to be "big issues"?

Paul Harris

I switched it off about half way through because I have heard the cigarette paper, beer drinker, political class, EU regulation recital too many times. When the interviewer said what about other things, I was thinking to myself that I could place a safe bet that he would swing it back to the EU, and sure enough the man contradicted himself point blank. He said we are talking about other things, like business, and then said business can’t grow because of EU regulations!

This is why Farage is bad news. He’s an automaton. I haven’t heard an original idea on how to improve business that is not related to the EU in all the time I have listened to him. The fact is he can’t think on his feet and he has no original ideas, except I think he wants to radically alter the British constitution along with his mates at the Lib Dems.

There are some good people in the UKIP, such as Lord Hesketh gave a good interview the other day, but you could tell he was a deep thinker. It’s a pity the press are so into Farage. I’d like to see Tim Congdon on the box a bit more. If you want to know about the economy you will have to talk to an economist. Farage is a sales rep with a pitch. That’s all he is.

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