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April 07, 2012


Phil Kean

Needless to say -

- I concur!

Nigel Farage. Reliable, sensible, trustworthy, and a real Conservative.


Nigel Farage is a disgruntled Conservative in the wrong party. Vince cable is an old fool in the right party. George Osborne is an excellent Chancellor in the best party." Transparency" is pure spin. If there is wrongdoing let there be prosecutions otherwise the British tradition is to say Mind your own Business !

George Lees

Keep non profesionals out - exactly why Osborne likes it!

Phil Kean

Reply to George Lees.

I think you made a slight mistake. This is a charter for Career Politicians. It is more likely to exclude right-wingers and those who have most to offer to the country.

I mean, it would stop me from wanting to become a Minister.

Phil Kean

Apologies, George, I misread your comment :-)

You are of course correct.

Andrew Smith

Nigel may be a conservative but he is no Conservative. Well done that man for speaking out against the consensus.

When may we know the earnings and tax arrangements of the media presenters who adopt such high and mighty tones - are they paid through companies? Six or seven digits income? Pension too?

Thought so!


Nigel speaks sound commonsense in language that the ordinary person can understand and relate to.

He is quite right; professional career politicians bring very little to Parliament except their burning desire to advance and make a career out of politics, which means toeing the Party line. We need people who have had a life and a career outside of politics before they enter Parliament; people who have started and run their own busineses or who have worked in senior capacity in the private sector.

Compare and contrast Nigel's honesty and directness with the weasel words we get from Cameron, Clegg and Deadwood.

michael mcgough

Nice to have a conservative featured on here.What a contrast to the appeasers of the bipolar coalition.

Gary Newell

I think politicians should be treated the same as every person in the street and as I don't have to tell the world about my tax affairs (only HMRC, who probably then sell them on anyway) then why should an MP.

Having said that I do believe that if an MP is found guilty of breaching tax rules then they should be punished with the maximum possible sentence for the offence they have committed.

How can you expect the ordinary man on the street to behave if the politicians don't behave. Examples of people that have got away with it are Harriet Harman who brought in the law for not driving whilst using a mobile phone and then got away with having an accident whilst using her mobile phone. There was also the baroness who brought in the law about employing illegal immigrants and was then found to be employing illegal immigrants.

We debate this sort of stuff all the time at http://openpoliticsforum.forumup.co.uk

Cleethorpes Rock

Farage is right, as usual. Why are the supposedly conservative party even considering such a stupid proposal?


Why have only have business or senior people? Oh, silly me, of course they would probably be right wing!

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