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February 16, 2012



The Scottish Parliament and the Scottish People means Alex Salmond. Scotland cannot vote unilaterallyto dissolve the Union. The concurrence of the Monarch is required. That can only be expressed through an Act of the Westminster Parliament. UDI is not an option.

I Albion

Vote IN or OUT that is all it takes seemples


I would not trust Alex Salmond as far as I could throw him.


Scotland and England started off living together (with the Union of the Crowns in 1603).
Then they got married (with the Treaty of Union, 1707).
More recently they moved into separate bedrooms (Scottish devolution in 1999)
Now the question: should Scotland move out and live in a separate house next door? (Independence referendum, 2014).


" ..a Peoples' Referendum ". Salmond sounds like Blair. He has no priciple just opportunism.Dangerous.


the media let alex get away with it,as the did with blair in the first half of his premiership.the scottish media must now ask relevant questions relating to independence.not sit back and listen to all the nonsense and publishing without checking.

this tells me one thing,alex is taken aback by the impression cameron made yesterday.

david was:
'positive' about the strength of the union,the ground that alex is on talking about independence.

he is open to more powers for the scottish parliament without a third question.genius.

alex used his anti english attacks as usual,camerons background,accent etc yawn....imagine if the media asked alx salmond what school he went to,saying going to a state school is just not good enough to be first minister.it really is just so base.


I watched the meeting of the 'superpowers' yesterday and Cameron needs to change tack when dealing with Salmond. Watch the greeting in the Scots Parly- Cameron 'sort of' bows to Salmond whilst shaking his hand- Salmond does not. So much for the respect agenda. Salmond does not deal with agressively well though-out attacks. CCO needs to get hold of an old Salmond vs Anne McGuire ding dong from Newsnight many years ago. That is how you neutralise Salmond. The 'save the union' campaign has been pitiful so far and the people 'organising' it need the push. If the 'STU' campaign want an early referendum they should do it. There was a reason Salmond hid in England until Scottish Labour got so unpopular...

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