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February 27, 2012



Is Neil Hamilton old enough to be in UKIP ?

ross J warren

UKIP, well that another good reason to stay with the Conservative party. Don't get me wrong I like Neil well enough and even feel he was done wrong, but UKIP?

Michael Dixon

Gadfly and ne'er do well springs to mind


"I have left the House of Commons"...

...a euphemistic way of saying, "I was kicked out of the House of Commons..."

Richard Shaw

Poor old Neil.......an incomplete prick as the dreaded wife discovered !

Sandy Jamieson

So his defeat by Martin Bell at Tatton in 1997 had nothing to do with it then?

Andrew Smith

Are you all so sure that UKIP's average age is any different from the old Westminster parties? Not in my constituency it isn't!

Malcolm Dunn

UKIP are welcome to him.

mick mcgough

UKIP Spring Conference this weekend (unlike the Tories we still hold one);look out for major surprises.

Edward Huxley

I wonder what the comments would have been from the above if he had decided to rejoin the Conservative Party?

Paul McKeown

Whenevr I see this man, I think House of Corrections, rather than House of Commons...

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