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January 12, 2012



Once again the BBC and other media set-up's fail to ask the 'killer' question.
How do the SNP define "INDEPENDENCE"?

Whenever SNP bigwigs are let loose they delight in telling their audience that one they are free from the wicked clutches of those despicable English they will hurriedly become a member of the EU.

Let me get this straight then. Alex Salmond sees surrendering all freedom over their economic policies, social and employment policies etc to the anti democratic prison of the EU as INDEPENDENCE does he?
Moreover does he make this clear to the dupes who slavishly have swallowed his phoney 'romantic' vision of a 'free and Independent Scotland'?

Most media operatives are savvy to the SNP's end game but refuse categorically to ask Salmond or his cohorts the question. Obviously Salmond is every bit the Quisling as is Miliband (and Blair and Brown before him), Cameron and Clegg.
This obviously meets with BBC approval hence they stay shtum and pretend that the SNP is acting on patriotic principles - which it most certainly is not.

Incidentally the same philosophy is expoundeed by Plaid Cymru with regards to Welsh 'Independence'.
Spotted the 'common-denominator' yet?

David Hankey

What a crass statement by Angus Robertson. Cameron is not "dictating" nor attempting to "emulate" Margaret Thatcher but simply to bring this issue to a head. Whilst Salmond dallies and business knows not what the future holds it is a matter that requires some urgency.

I have no problem with an "advisory referendum" but the actual, real, referendum can only be granted by the expressed wishes of the Westminster Parliament which the Scots are gradually realising.

In essence the ordinary Scottish people will decide eventually, not Salmond nor the SNP!!

Alistair Thomas

An advisory referendum is a waste of time and tax payers' money when a binding referendum is available.

Logically, Devo Max impacts all nations in the Union and therefore Westminster is right in my view to say that Scotland can be authorised to have an in/out referendum and no more. If the timing of the referendum has the possibility of damaging investments in Scotland then the timing should be set by those that are best placed to act in Scotland's interests. It has its own parliament, surely that is the logical place for the timing issue to be decided? It also gets us away from the "English" interference claims (although the SNP is canny enough to refer to "Westminster" interference, though their meaning is clear enough).

If investment in Scotland is affected adversely by the referendum then that will be a big stick with which to beat those that took the decision. It is a big responsibility and one best left to Scots. Let's move past this ASAP and start discussing the real substance of Union as Alastair Darling was sagely advising yesterday.


Bruce Crawford should be advised that RBS/HBOS liabilities will fall due upon divorce. One cannot disown something just because it's went Pete Tong, under Brown and encouraged, in writing and on the record, by Salmond.

Iain McKellar

In all probability an interested party, in this specific matter anyone who lives in Scotland will apply to the Court of Session for an Interim Interdict (anglice injunction) It will either be granted immediately or the Court will refer it to the Supreme Court for determination. The Supreme Court will base its judgement on the 1998 Scotland Act and the consultative referendum will be declared ultra vires.

Nows you will recall some months ago Alex Salmond attacked the Supreme Court because of its decision on the Nat Fraser Case claiming Scots judges were outnumbered: the fact that the two Scots judges in the Supreme Court agreed with the appelant is not important of course! Nevertheless it explains Salmond's attack on the Supreme Court on what was a relatively minor matter. The then Lord Advocate had probably advised him that a consultative referendum was illegal so therefore he built the bedrock of a future attack on the Court on the Nat Fraser case so in uplholding the interim interdict, Salmond could portray the Supreme Court as an English puppet.

While not racist in themselves, there is a sub-racist agenda being persued by the Separatists


What is the Scots don't like about the Irish and Welsh?

We the People

'He (Salmond) is Moses who has led his people to the brink of the promised land but, as they view it from the mountain tops, says to them, 'let's camp outside for a few more years before we go in'.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2085785/Furious-Darling-brands-Alex-Salmond-slippery-blames-RBS-crisis-SNP-leader.html#ixzz1jHrgPLIr

lol - I think that comment pretty funny by Johann Lamont!

Salmond = lol

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