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January 10, 2012


David Hankey

The obnoxious Sturgeon may pontificate all she likes on this subject but forgets the decision for Scotland to "go it alone" depends on Constitutional matters held by Westminster. Holyrood cannot conduct a legally binding and decisive referendum WITHOUT being given the power to do so by Westminster.

Salmond, who has been very quite on this matter recently, realises this and also probably knows that he has not got the overwhelming support he needs.


Not sure why the lady is "obnoxious" - don't find ad hominem comments at all persuasive. Anyhow, no reasonable person can argue with the Scottish Government's stance on this - they have a mandate from their voters and the Tories most certainly have no mandate in Scotland. For anything. I am alone in seeing that those who support Cameron's view are PRECISELY THE SAME people who want the UK to have a referendum on EU membership, and who would be apopleptic if Merkozy took the view that Brussels should determine the timing and format of such a referendum? Cameron's approach has already alienated most undecided Scots - come on, drop it - don't turn an error of judgement into a humiliating rout!

C A Nelson

Can't accept that. The Scottish Government is waiting because they are not sure that they will win any referendum on breaking up the UK. Opportunistic to the end, they will wait to see if the EU is worth joining - and they will try to negotiate the best terms they can get from the rest of the UK should they choose not to join.
The rest of the UK cannot be expected to continue dancing to this mans tune. Scotland has always been in a very favourable position in the finances of this country and they are not really in a position to loose all that comes with being part of the UK. We should demand that yes and no are the only two words on the ballot paper. I have to ask the question - if it is such a wonderful country, why have so many left it?


The awful Sturgeon and her mates were responsible for the Libya saga and the Scottish universities charging English students whilst the Scots go free.
Scotland is a discredited country and deserves to be independent at the earliest opportunity.


Scotland should go independent on condition Scots live there and do not come to England to take English jobs.
They will have to support their economy, health, defense, transport, food production, employment, welfare and benefits, etc etc.

David Hankey

The fact is, Clarsach, the 'Merkosy' alliance is all to do with controlling the EU and has nothing to do with the Scotish issue.

Irrespective of the "mandate" the Scottish Parliament has there is still the constitutional matter, so they can sing and dance all they want but the permission for the want of a better word will still have to come from Westminster.

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