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January 25, 2012



No he doesn't think that at all. If he did he wouldn't want devo-max on the ballot.


He doesn't think he can win.

He knows that unless you go into a referendum with a huge majority for change in the polls the status quo almost always wins.

He wants devo-max. And should not be able to get it without some kind of much larger federal settlement that we all agree on.


So we all know that Salmond and Cameron will deliver devo-max. We can stop tarting about now and close to the money shot: How much will it cost England and, further to that, how will Wales and NI be bought off and compensated in the transfer?


I hope he does and goodbye Scotland on condition the Scots cannot automatically live in England and take English jobs.
Prior to the referendum we need a bill to introduce an English Government.

Sandy Jamieson

It would only be News if he said, " "I don't think we can win the argument and can't win the referendum"

Edward Huxley

I didn`t hear him say who will be allowed to vote, the people people of Scotland, ie just those living there,or would Scots in the rest of the UK and all over the English speaking world be included? Like Sir Sean Connery, a supporter of independence who lives abroad for tax reasons.


like all salesmen you can only spin for so long.

1 devo max does not work.
scotland has over 60% government.who is going to cut the state by 15%?the tories are to weak in scotland to deliver the necessary cuts. every other party spends more than it receives in taxes.

2 independence would work for a couple of years until drastic state spend cutting occured or scotland was bailed out by brussels.brussels is broke.

3 the status quo is really the only option and keep funding scotland from london.

4 there is another option.devo max with 2/3 years to cut state spending by 15%.then scotland can at least look forward.the benefits poverty in glasgow would come to an end.basically the snp would have to adopt english conservative policies.really big call for the snp to talk turkey and be honest with the scots.

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