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November 06, 2011


Sandy Jamieson

But in the same interiew he disdainfully disenfranchised 800,000 Scots from having a vote in the Referendum. He indicated that Overseas Voters shall have a vote but if they live in England or Wales, they will have no vote at all. I suspect thats because he doesn't trust us


Oversea voters does that mean Sir Sean Connery, 'I love Scotland, and if it wasn't for the crap weather I wouldn't be living in Marbella'

Captain Clanger

That's fair enough. Those of us in England and Wales who are English and Welsh don't have any say over all the loot that goes north of the border through the auspices of the Barnett Formula. Good luck to Scotland as it goes its own way.

Dennis C

Can an American ask what may be perceived as a dumb question ? Why doesn't the current government change the Barnett Formula ? It seems incredibly unfair to England. Thanks



good question.in reply;
1 it is a historic subsidy to scotland,that has become part of the economy.scotland has 60% government.this is totally unsustainable.the snp therefor have a problem.if independence became a reality,they would need to massivly cut government spending or find another source of income.

2 there are 2 sources of income.the argument over oil and gas revenues or an independent scotland joins the euro and germany pays scotlands cheques.

the argument over oil income is real and an argument over borders and how they intersect the sea.there are 2 opinions of this.one that gives england a big chunk of the fortis field another that does not.

3 there is then the thorny issue of government debt.the uk bailed out the bank of scotland and the royal bank of scotland,plus all the historic debt.

my guess it will all add up the spanish and greek debt levels.

4 the actual amount of the cash from the barnett formula is relatively small compared to the englsih ecomomy.added to that nobody wants the political back lash of greek style strikes in scotland if the government workers were cut in large numbers,if the subsidy was cut.

salmond is very clever,but ultimately will the scots take the risk of going it alone with higher interest rates and massive government debt or joining the euro.unlikely.

i suspect what will happen is there will be a slow phasing out of the formula with edinburgh raising more of its own tax.this creates a big problem for the snp who are intrinsically left wing.heaping more taxes on business will just see them move to england or ireland.

there would need to be big cuts in government spending,and not many people will be rushing to do that! plus sa change...


Sandy, if this is the case, will Westminster intervene to ensure that those Scots living in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, who still care passionately about their native country, will have a say? To me it's just naked opportunism

I Albion

Clement I am English and also "care passionately" about my country that is why I still chose to live here and not in an other country "passionately caring"


Salmond supports independence. Fair enough. That is Scotland's choice. He also. apparently, believes that Scotlsnd can have any relationship with the rest of the United Kingdom short of independence that the Scots may choose, without reference to the rest of us. That assumption betokens a really a mind-boggling level of arrogance. The first and only priority of the Coalition in the run up to the referendum should be to make it clear to the Scottish electorate that his assumption (presumption) is entirely wrong and that they will be voting to be in or out of the United Kingdom. A vote for "dev-max" must be taken as a vote to be out

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