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April 27, 2011


Charles Martel

Live long and prosper - don't vote Green.


At least it wasn't Lembit Opik... his "comedy" elicits much the same reaction...


Despite disagreeing with her policies, I think Lucas is a formidable politician. Think the greens will do well in upcoming elections.

Super Blue

Kennedy's Law: Those in politics who frequently appear in comedy scenarios are rarely taken seriously when they need to be.

It doesn't add up...

Would she know the truth if it slapped her in the face with a wet kipper?

Paul Scott

Caroline Lucas is an excellent MP, and always responds to my emails (I live in Brighton), but it seems to me that Green Party has strayed way too far from its roots as a party of ecology, and is now some kind of pseudo-communist party. They need to get back to their core purpose of being the party of the environment, ecology, etc. She has a pretty weak grasp on economics too.

Robert Eve

So she is an excellent MP with a pretty weak grasp of economics.



A very effective PB, well done Caroline, show'd the other parties how it should be done.


Kennedy's Law: Those in politics who frequently appear in comedy scenarios are rarely taken seriously when they need to be.

Obviously seen today's PMQ


Normally I have time for Lucas, but this is sanctimonious, 'holier than thou' rubbish, devoid of fact and filled with cliches!


I can't wait until she's crushed in the next General.

martin sewell

As the secretary of the Green Party when Caroline Lucas attended her first Executive Meeting ( which I was chairing) I can say with some authority that the Party lost its Green credentials around the time of Chenoble when it prioritised political correctness and far left politics rather than seriously addressing its original core interests.


Caroline Lucas is so far left and so PC she has no idea about using her position as an MP in the national interest.
What has Lucas ever done for this country and what is her greatest achievement since becoming an MP?
Answer - nothing.

Andrew Smith

I wonder if the parents who pay £ thousands to have their children privately educated around here are aware that 5 teachers at the private school involved are standing as candidates for this left wing anti-capitalist party. And a further 5 teachers from state schools too.

I wonder if they manage to keep their left wing anti business views out of the class rooms?

nonny mouse

>>Would she know the truth if it slapped her in the face with a wet kipper?

I thought all kippers were wet...


Truly counter productive. Surely with Clegg mania we had enough of all the other politicians are the same, but I'm different ? But no, the greens, bnp, ukip, nationalists, all carry on with the same line and it's basically a) a fraud and b) not a good thing anyway.

The last thing anyone needs is a politician who sticks relentlessly to their principles, never compromises and never breaks a promise. It is a a recipe for political gridlock and perpetual opposition. What we need is politicians who have ideas, who can admit that they are occasioanlly wrong, that "principles" are for guidance and do not dictate a single course of action, that the "truth" is multi-faceted, that the world is complicated and changing and that unintended consequences are often significant, the no course of action is perfect, that the voters or non-voters who revel in ignorance and indifference will get ignorant and indifferent politicians.

john parkes

I watched this broadcast by accident and I am pleased to have done so. It was fascinating to listen to Caroline Lucas behaving like a true professional when practising the `entryism` of those aspiring to a long-term future in the House of Commons. First you denigrate `politicians` and constantly refer to them as....`them`. This immediately sets you apart and at arms-length so that you cannot possibly be associated in the electors` minds with all that is bad about politics. Then you make unreal promises that you have absolutely no prospect of being asked to implement. Then you push hard for a change in the voting system in order to improve your Party`s chances at the next elections, particularly at local level. The latter is the way in which the Liberal Democrats started their inexorable (well until now, anyway!) march into the upper reaches of politics. It was a classic display and at a stroke she demonstrated that she is no different from all who are/were at a similar stage in the political cycle. The eco-green agenda too was quietly put on one side as she tried to get stuck into the real issues that face the country with all the crypto-Communist zeal one might have expected.
It will be interesting to see how long it is before the electorate becomes focused enough to examine more closely what she is about. If the audience reaction this time, or lack of it, was any guide, she won`t make much more progress. She must have thought that she would offer a strong appeal to the young (who were bound to have radical views) but it seems that they were too canny to be taken in.

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