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April 19, 2011


Edward Huxley

As a former Conservative who left the party over Maastricht and joined the UKIP of course I think Nigel farage is right. There is nothing we can do about immigration from the growing number of EU member countries.
What do the still loyal Tories think?


Go for it Nigel - You tell 'em!!!

Joe De Mocritus

And he is absolutely right.

Dontmakemelaugh:  The Cami-Nickers EU love-in Party

In the 2005 election Michael Howard outlined his policy on immigration. He was immediately slapped down by a spokesman from the EU Junta. Howard did not respond - indeed the Tories told us after the election that had made the mistake of talking too much about the EU and immigration - ergo I did note vote Tory and I have refused to do so ever since

Winston Smith

Cameron already back-tracking on his weasel words. Reducing immigration is now just an "ambition", not policy.


I totally agree with this. I wrote a report on the troubles coming out of Manila only yesterday


It doesn't add up...

Farage is forgetting that lots of Poles will shortly have the opportunity to work close to home in the vibrant German economy. Expect an exodus from the UK. Of course, it will be simply a temporary effect - but statistics don't lie, do they?


Everyone seems to have grasped this basic fact with the exception of dave.

Andrew Smith

Surely the explanation for the different approaches between Cameron and Farage is this: Cameron regards immigrants from the EU as fellow EU citizens migrating within their own country, as the rest of us would regarde a Yorkshireman coming to Essex (and welcome they would be).

Farage correctly regards the EU as overseas just as Canada or Cameroons.

Andrew Smith

Reply to Edward:

Are there many still loyal Tories

Do they really "think?"

I do not mean to be gratuitously abusive but the inconceivable policy statements which come from Tory front benchers mouths suggests that any remaining supporters cannot have thought about it much. The proposition that immigration can be reduced to any target figure while remaining ion the EU is self evidently impossible. But presumably "loyal" members accept what they are told.

Similarly the promise to have no more regulations on UK SME businesses; it later transpired to refer only to UK originated ones - about 20% of the total. Does anyone take any notice of Dave & Co anymore?


Nigel is absolutely right. We cannot control immigration all the time anyone from the EU has the right to come and live/work/claim welfare here.

We must regain control of our borders; we must regain control of our country; we must regain our independence from the EU.

This ex-Conservative is now a UKIP voter and activist. UKIP is right. The UK must leave the EU.


If UKIP moves ahead of the Lib Dems in the next three months, the next stop will be to halve the right-minded vote with the Conservative Party. Then we could have areal coalition. But not with David Cameron, I'm afraid. The sooner the Conservative Parliamentary Party gets ready to jettison the problem, the sooner they can be ready to form an electoral pact with a resurgent UKIP. CUrrently at 30:8, the ratio could be 22:16 by election time. A joining up is essential or both will be doomed.


southern softie

The net result of EU migration into my home town has been overcrowding leading to homes of multiple occupation.shortage of school places,homes,jobs.The community fabric is under threat.Farage does speak the truth for those who have seen the waves of EU migration since 2004.The government must get a grip on the situation.The policy of open borders is a direct attack on the British worker and his or her standard of living.

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