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April 01, 2011


Martin Wright

Very poor. Why the geeky voice? So we don't move to a fairer system ,just in case in a few constituencies somebody who votes BNP could have an influence? Are BNP voters inhuman? Perhaps they should be deprived of the vote while we're at it?

What about all the other constituencies (many more) where the second preferences of Conservative,Labour or Libdem voters could have an influence?

Jack Pershing

"They" seem to be attempting to design a system whereby BNP supporters can never have any representation. Wouldn't it be simpler and easier to build giant gulags in which they could house all those who don't tow the liblabcon agenda? They could start with BNP members, move on to NF and then UKIP. For good measure they could even chuck in a few anti EU right-wing tories. Oh, hell, why even bother with elections, we all KNOW that the EU loving liblabcon elites are so right about everything.


Democracy? I don't think so. If a voter wants to vote yellow spotted Martian Party then so be it, do not presume to think that the average man or woman is stupid!!!


Subtle. Not. Can they do another one featuring big Green columns with a nice middle class, non-depilated, earnest female chuntering on about fringe lunatic UKIP/EDL planet murderers?

Target a demographic by all means but don’t belittle another at the same time. I am pro FPTP but a little less so now.


How can you say "Don't let extremist voters decide elections" yet claim to be standing up for One Person One Vote?

Doesn't make sense!

Denis Cooper

On the same flawed logic, "extremist voters" are already deciding elections under FPTP - by deciding to vote (let us say) Tory because there is no "extremist" (let us say) BNP candidate, or because there is such a candidate but he's seen to have no chance of winning and so a vote for him would be a "wasted" vote.

An elector who is not a monster does not become a monster merely by voting for an "extremist" candidate, and nor does an elector who really is a monster cease to be a monster because he decides that it makes more tactical sense to vote for the Tory candidate rather than the "extremist" candidate.

Julian Melford

The biggest extremists are those who deny democracy by subjecting the UK to masses of EU legislation that we cannot refuse - under the terms of membership, unless of course we want to be fined unlimited accounts.

When people voted in the 1975 referendum, were they told the truth that they were on a one-way conveyor belt towards the progressive abolition of Britain? Our territorial waters, our weights and measures and by intent our monetary sovereignty? To join the EEC, Heath's accomplice Geoffrey Ripon shamefully signed a document of willingness to run down sterling balances to join an EMU.

Jump forward, and you can be arrested and extradited abroad without any evidence. We can't pass a Budget without European Commission approval. We've lost control of our borders and have to accept whatever 'asylum seekers' (often illegal immigrants) and Rumanian criminal gangs because the EU says so.

And the EU has insisted all our internet access and phone use is logged for future Big Brother purposes, while the EU builds its own police force.

The real alternative vote should be on whether we want to restore democracy so let's not lose sight of that.

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