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January 10, 2011


Denis Cooper

And the other candidates, including the Tory candidate, said nothing.

George Kaplan

Well done Labour, just give the BNP yet more publicity. Do tyou think UKIP or the Greens get this attention?No, so why give it to the BNP. They are a nasty, vile, racist party, but they are a legal party and unfortunately, they are the downside of freedom of speech. But I'd rather live with the downside of the freedom of speech than not in a free country at all.

Denis Cooper

Why has my comment been removed?

Is it because I pointed out that the Tory candidate was among those remaining mute during this incident?

Denis Cooper

Oh, sorry, I now see that it was on the next page ... sorry about that unwarranted complaint!

Ignorance is strength

When the Fascists return they will return as the Anti-Fascists. Labour are dangerous Communists and need to be exposed for all our sakes.


Is it just me or has the media more or less hidden this?

Cara jadi agen ppob

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