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January 27, 2011


It doesn't add up...

This is of course nonsense as we discussed here the other day. What may be true is that UKIP might become the third largest party by votes by the time of the next election - but there is no reason to suspect that the BNP is about to fade into history, despite their recent problems.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I support UKIP. I am NOT a racist! I would NOT be sorry to see the BNP fade away as did the NF, Union Movement, British Union of Fascists etc.

There is a place for a Democratic Non-Racist Right Wing party in UK politics and hopefully in the Commons and elsewhere. This position used to be filled by the Conservative Party but under Cameron it has abandoned that position and become liberal centrist and will I am sure in time merge with the Lib-Dems to become a new Centre Party. Hopefully UKIP will step into the gap left and give those who are Right Wing democrats (not in the US sense of that word) a Party to vote for and which will represent their values and interests. If AV is adopted that will assist in this.


I note Richard Barnbrook MLA has left the bnp for the English Democrats and been embraced by them;this would not happen with UKIP,HE WOULD HAVE BEEN REJECTED.
UKIP will be the best receptor for protest votes at the next EP elections where they are expectedbeat the Tories who are ,as ever ,the party of 'EVER CLOSER UNION'.INCLUDING FISCAL UNION

Jack Pershing

Stephen Crowther exec chairman of UKIP has announced ex BNP members barred from joining UKIP. Which means he is denying people the right to change their minds! He is also rumoured to be a Common Purpose graduate. For those that don't know CP is a "charity" (state funded) whose main purpose appears to be shoe-horning the UK into a federal Europe.

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