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November 24, 2010


Conservative Homer

In the EU, you can tolerate, even sanction paedophilia, you can remove accounting standards allowing multimillion pound fraud, you can overule democratic tradition, but by god, you cant call a Socialist a Facist.

We need to get out of this evil empire, NOW.


Bloom was OK here as it happens, though he usually adds something really stupid and counterproductive to what would otherwise be fair comment.

Justin Hinchcliffe

Geoffrey Bloom is a nasty little man and a huge embarrassment to the United Kingdom. In fact, most UKIP-ers are unpleasant and nasty. Just say NO to UKIP in 2014!

C H Ingoldby

The truth hurts.


What a prat. If he can't act like a big boy he shouldn't be allowed to sit at the adults' table.

jack c

Bloom is a complete idiot! What does he think he is going to achieve by this? Blooming mad.


Justin Hinchcliffe - I think you are going to be very disappointed: I'm please to say. You do not make any case at all with non-partisan voters by just being insulting and untruthful. Truth to say it is the Coalition are a huge embarrassment to the UK - I am sure that if they thought for one single moment that the British would support EU membership, they would have a referendum. But they know we will not support it, and they know with every passing day more and more of us realize the full horror of it. As Nigel Farage recently indicated, let us hope that the money markets kill of the 'evil empire', before the it leads to violence and war !! Then you may wish that a few more had spoken up like UKIP.

Anthony Scholefield

Its wonderful that he had these Nazi slogans at the ready-perhaps he will come out next with 'perish Jew' or 'We march against England'. After all the average modern MEP is readily acquainted with a wide range of Nazi slogans.


I'd say Godfrey got it just about right. Schultz has form - but is never chastised by the EP.

Sandy Jamieson

The Kraut was calling for more EU control over Britain spefically calling for an end to British opt-outs, He deserved what he got

nonny mouse

Unbelievable. I don't know what is worse, the juvenile behaviour of UKIP politicians or the fact the kippers defend this sort of behaviour.

I do hope that this clip gets played on TV during the European election campaign. It would loose UKIP at least a million votes.

Robert Eve

Good for Mr Bloom - he got it exactly right.

Winston Smith

the clip shows another MEP (french, I think) raising his arm and making a 'T' shape for time. The editors have interpreted that as a nazi salute. The whole clip made me laugh and I'm glad there are people out there exposing the charade that is the EU parliament. Farage makes the point that Schultz shouts fascist at anyone he dislikes, but can't take it when its thrown back at him. UKIP will be the largest party from the UK at the next election.


It may be that Anthony Scholefield 10.21pm would have to revise and have slogans 'at the ready', Bloom, having had an education had them as a retained memory from that education.

As for it losing a million votes ( it's lose not loose by the way ) Cameron will lose far more by 2014 so it's no big deal, in fact he's probably done it already.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Oh dear Ricardo! Can't you come up with an original insult rather than borrow a five year old one, and not a particularly intelligent nor witty one either, from Cameron? I wonder how many thousand voters and supporters were driven into the arms of UKIP by that crass and juvenile remark?

Angry Celt

Under closed list PR nobody has a personal mandate. So forgive me if I find it incredibly distateful that McMillan-Scott, who betrayed his own constituents by defying the party line - a luxury afforded only to representatives under an open, free system of election - decides to expel a UKIP member for representing the views of his constituents.

Frankly, in some countries McMillan-Scott's betrayal of his party under a closed list system - consider the electoral college in the US - would attract criminal sanctions. It speaks wonders about the EU that it allows the criminal, the faithless party delegate, to pass judgement over the innocent.


Godfrey's bloomers make good TV.


Just watched the full video on Bloom's website (which puts it all in more context than this extremely edited short snippet) and Bloom was in the right.


I have seen and heard Schulz screaming at UKIP and other MEPs on a number of occasions, calling them fascists and lunatics. He would do better to talk to himself. He is a dangerous extremist. We must remember that UKIP wants a Europe where we all just get along with each other, trade with each other and remain friends and allies. Schulz does actually want one people, one government and one leader. Where have I heard that before?
Here's Schulz calling a Dutch MEP a fascist because he asked that Barosso provide receipts for his expenses. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyBuiyN_KHQ&feature=player_embedded The man is a disgrace.

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