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October 22, 2010


Sally Roberts

How many of them post here on ConHome I wonder?


Typical BBC bias.

When will this organisation be disbanded and replaced with something that does fair and balanced journalism, like what you read in the Daily Mail.

Henry Mayhew

What a tired bunch, apart from Winston.

Give up and give over.

Dontmakemelaugh:  The Cami-Nickers EU love-in Party

Hello Henry! I think you really mean, give up and roll over (like Dave and his "euroseptic" party)
No chance! You must fancy 20 weeks full pay on maternity leave (Dave has just missed out) and an increase in the EU budget. The good news is that we now have the "Lock" (in).


1. DCB, solid but a bit grey and dull. A safe pair of hands if you don't like Farage.

2. WM, A big gamble but a big potential payoff, with a small party like UKIP the key point is getting noticed, getting airtime. Would need some others to give him some gravitas, and risks being a joke figure.

3. TC, I think I fell asleep in the middle of that. Will get sidelined and ignored.

4. NF. You know what job he'll do, if you don't pick him then you get the bonus of possibly having two party figures known.

Overall I think they should gamble on 2. You'd need to mind him carefully, but realistically if they're going to get anywhere you need some publicity and he might get them some extra, and be more memorable. A risk, but a bigger risk is slipping out of the national consciousness.

Nick Phillips

Somehow I don't see a black man going down particularly well among UKIP's core vote.

Peter Thurgood

Someone above said "what a tired bunch".

From what I have read of the above posts, I think that applies more to them than the UKIP candidates.

I am a Conservative and tirelessly fought to try and convince people not to waste their vote on UKIP at the last General Election, as I obviopusly wanted my party, the Conservatives, to win.

But having said that, UKIP do have two very important policies that I very much agree with, the first being to get us out of the European Union, and the second being to amend the smoking ban.

Both these policies are about our freedom, and as a Conservative, I believe very strongly in freedom. I have also met Nigel Farage, and can confirm that is a very nice, and straight forward man, who I believe should become UKIPs leader once again.

Should my party not conform to its true Conservative ways very soon, I am afraid that I, and possibly thousands more, just might possibly defect to UKIP, especially under Mr Farage's leadership.

Sally Roberts

I'm sure Henry would love 20 weeks' Maternity Pay, but I think that unless there is something he hasn't told us, it would be a physical impossibility!

Henry Mayhew

Yes Sally, I think I'll just take the money thank him very much. Some mothers do have 'em.

Charles Martel

Nick Phillips, UKIP are not the BNP - but why let the fact that they are a non-racist party get in the way of a good slur eh? In case you hadn't noticed, most Europeans are white. Your foolish comment says more about you than it does UKIP.

Yet Another Anon

Nigel Farage is most suited to the role and is far better than any of the 3 main party leaders.

Lord Pearson of Rannoch though has been a far better leader than the media would acknowledge, and led the party to what is the best UK General Election results for a 4th party standing other than in Electoral Pacts was the largest vote ever.

It's a pity that Alan Wood has disappeared off the political scene, I rather thought he had a positive well thought out agenda and would have made a good leader.

Winston McKenzie appears to be a bit of a crank, David Campbell Bannerman would be OK but not very inspiring, Tim Congdon is obviously not well suited to public speaking.

Michael Schwartz

"Somehow I don't see a black man going down particularly well among UKIP's core vote."

I have just gone and voted for him.

Michael Schwartz (UKIP candidate, High Peak, 2005)

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