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October 11, 2010


Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

She is very fortunate indeed to be rich enough not to need the WFA. Many old people are glad of it! What does she want, to be beatified by the Pope for refusing this payment?

Now this was one benefit which Cameron gave his promise, a cast-iron one?, NOT to touch. Unless he is void of all moral worth he must abide by his word on this and the Bus Passes whatever else he may cut, reduce or defer.

I await developments with apprehension.


Well she doesn't have to be that rich.

I actually asked George Osborne to cancel my mother's WFA. She doesn't need it and wouldn't miss it if she didn't get it.

There are loads of pensioners in my mother's position

Crippling Koala

Pah. Self entitled well off people deflect attention from the genuinely needy.

I got really fed up during the campaign by whinging pensioners moaning that they deserved free money from the state on the grounds that they couldn't see why the needy deserved a helping hand from the state yet they didn't.

Whatever next? Paying for the long term care of the elderly so we can subsidize the inheritances of the second generation of self entitled whingers?

So three cheers for Joan. A non-mooching pensioner is worth her weight in gold.

The sooner we means test these benefits the better.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I understand that if one wishes, (and of course few people actually do), it is posible to pay additional tax to HMRC if one wishes to. Why therefore did Joan Bakewell not quiely and without any publicity send a cheque to HMRC for the exact amount of the WFA she didn't want to receive. I am sure it would have been gratefully received and faithfully applied.

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