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September 04, 2010



Who cares?

Elaine Turner

Nigel Farage IS Ukip - without him, they stand no chance.


Get in their, Nigel.

A real Conservative, not the fake Conservative, public schoolboy. Lib Dem rubbish of Cameron

Nicholas Keen

He's the right one for the job. I just hope that he brings his excesses into check a little, strives to be consistently credible -- he doesn't help himself or The Cause when he goes over the top.

Joe De Mocritus

I am begining to wish I had voted UKIP at the General Election.

Any more of the Tory drift leftwards, in particular further weakness on the EU front, and I shall be considering it quite seriously.

I had been considering rejoining the party since I have more time on my hands these days, but given the weak performance of the Tories and Dave's love-in with the Limp Democraps since the election I have decided to hold back. UKIP is an attractive alternative for my sort of traditional Tory.

Peter Kirby

Take the plunge, Joe. I agonised for years over your dilemma and joined UKIP last January. What a relief! I can now fight for the country I love.

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