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August 28, 2010



Let's hope the cut in the licence fee backs up this idiots fears.
By half would be a good place to start.
Pay as you view...NOT pay per view.
How much would one hour per week be?
30 minutes Only Connect & 30 minutes University Challenge.

David Sergeant

It has now got to the stage that the Sun is openly assuming it is a left wing political organisation. This has to be the end of "public service broadcasting" however nice in theory, they blew it themselves, the BBC is not acting as a public service broadcaster. It's got to go, sorry.


This is what you get on BBC iPlayer.

10 TV Channels
11 Network radio channels
5 National radio channels
40 local radio channels

It's time to cull the Beeb.

David J

The BBC must be told, by Jeremy Hunt, to adhere to its Charter and report news and current affairs in a strictly neutral way.

I am not a rabid right-winger, but the BBC's output is so liberal/left and getting worse.

How would Mark Thompson answer that??

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OMG! I love Sky! Her hair is awesome :) At first I thought "oh whatever," but I am starting to see how much fun these dolls could be. Kind of creepy the photo of your customization [eye poke]. Sometimes I sense that we as fans might not do enough to communicate our appreciation for the performers who give up their bodies and sacrifice their personal lives so that they may entertain. Sometimes I think we falsely assume that the performers just instinctively know.

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