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July 24, 2010


Ultimo Tiger

Griffin shouldn't be scared of this idiot.

He should be scared of the man challenging him for the leadership of the BNP:


Wonder why the BBC don't report that? Maybe because Griffin is a state agent?


Completely staged and farcical.


Tatchell as a lot of courage as he is not a well man but he keeps on fighting for what he believes. You may disagree with him but I think we need more Peter Tatchell`s in this country.

Paris Claims

Yes JCS,what this country is so desparately short of is militant unstable homosexuals.

Communists are evil

The Homosexual movement is being deliberately promoted by the government so they can be used by the establishment (socialist) to destroy Christianity.



I agree.

Griffin, if not a 'state employee', has certainly been compromised by the establishment as well as being routinely manipulated by them. But as I'm concerned any hard-left political organisation should be manipulated (or operated) in the exact the same manner.

jack c

"Griffin shouldn't be scared of this idiot."
"The Homosexual movement"
"militant unstable homosexuals"
What is it about conservativehome and it's commentators unedifying homophobia?


Will we also see Peter Tatchell doing this at the next Hiz-But Tahrir meeting, where he will also be able to find virulent anti-semitism and homophobia?.

It never ceases to amaze me with the left how they can get really self righteous about a set of principles like anti-semitism and homophobia and yet when Islamic extremists come out with the same abhorrent views, you won't see the left anywhere.

If you're going to display admirable principles Mr Tatchell, make sure you confront Islamic extremists in the same way otherwise you look like a hypocrite.

jack c

Erm Yorkshireman, do you actually know anything about Peter Tatchell? He is pretty critical of Islam. He described Sharia law as a clerical form of fascism!

Matt Woods

Peter Tatchell literally bears the scars of standing up for his beliefs. He's been beaten by Mugabe's henchmen, attacked by gay-bashing Russians and smeared by hypocrite Simon Hughes. The British Nazi Party thugs showed their true colours by the way they bundled this unwell man down a staircase as the gormless press pack watched on.

We should be asking why more politicians aren't prepared to stand up for their beliefs in this way.

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