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June 16, 2010



Nice to see Nigel back, whilst i do not agree with him on his hatred for the european union, i do quite like the guy and enjoy most of his speeches. Is nice to know hes there stirring things up a it.

Henry Mayhew

I really didn't want the unpopularity of rejoining UKIP but what can you do when Nigel's always right and Dave always wrong?


God Bless You Nigel Farage.

Sadly I doubt that the Euro will collapse. It is and has always been a political project and the political elite will do everything that they can to ensure its survival.





Short, concise, and to the point. Who can possibly deny any of this? As we all knew, and know, the Euro project was political from the start. Those who proposed and enforced it had no concern or compassion for the countries who never qualified for it on economic grounds, but just turned away from the dangers that were always there. A truly disgusting cabal at the heart of the European project. Again, well done, Nigel Farage, for stating the truth.

Colin Smith

Great to see you back Nigel.


Go get 'em Nigel.
Straight talking and the plain truth will eventually rule the day in our mainstream political life - Roll on that day.
In the meantime we have to endure the never-ending process of lies and deceit of the political 'elite' whose quest to destroy our sovereignty and identity continues remorselessly.
The establishment is rotten to the core, sadly the recent change of management from Brown to Cameron/Clegg will change absolutely nothing. The executive resides in Brussels, until this fact changes and we leave the EU COMPLETELY 'democracy' is a meaningless term when applied to the UK.

Sally Roberts

Very rarely agree with him politically, but I must say I do welcome the Old Rascal back and wish him a swift return to 100% health and strength!

Denis Cooper

In contrast, here's an evasive and shifty Hague being interviewed about the government's policy on the EU:


and he seems to think that because we're not yet in the euro we should limit our involvement to wishing the eurozone well and doing nothing to make its difficulties worse.

That doesn't really square with what he said in the Commons recently about the proposal for a "referendum lock":


"We regard that measure as essential in ensuring that the EU develops in a way that has the British people's consent."

If the British government stands aside and takes no active part in developments regarding the eurozone - even though the UK is a party to all the relevant treaty articles - then the British government is automatically debarring the British people from any influence over those developments, and therefore over how the EU as a whole develops.

By arranging bailouts for eurozone countries the EU is breaking crucial parts of its own treaties, which a former judge on the German Constitutional Court has described as "a cold coup":


"What is being done with the justification of the European stability mechanism, is nothing other than the transfer of sovereignty from the nation-states to the European Union, in bypassing of the European treaties, which means in a cold coup."

If the British government acknowledged that, and consulted the British people about it, would we consent to the EU developing in that way? Would we want to remain part of a union of liars and treaty-breakers?

Sally Roberts

Incidentally - Henry I am very disappointed in you. See me after school for Six of the Best.

Henry Mayhew

Six of the very best sounds good Sally.

James Laughlin

Good to see him back - shame he decided to ditch the 'tache though, it suited him!


I love that man!

John Coles

Amusing to see some of the unthinking, instinctive Conservative Party loyalists on this site, with their rather touchy and ill-put together observations. Seems a case of ""....e'en the ranks of Tuscany could scarce forebear to cheer"".
Good luck, Nigel.

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