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April 25, 2010


Tony Makara

All racism is bad. On that all decent people agree. When, however, are we going to spotlight the racism that comes from our own government. The legislation, crafted by Harriet Harman, that states employers must discriminate against white people.

This state-sponsored racism is not the stuff of idle throwaway comment, but is imposed by a government on its own people. Just as happened in Germany in the 1930s when Jewish people became second class citizens in their own land, so whites in Britain in the 21st century are legally relegated to a secondary status.


I'm afraid not, Steve: by definition a racist is someone who exhibits the strange belief that one race (however defined) is innately superior to another; espousing horrid vitriol with the prefix 'black' or 'Asian' does not constitute as racist abuse. The language used in this video is hurtful, hateful, unnecessary (especially from a political party) and petty but it ISN'T racist. And let me be EXPLICIT here, the fact that the media DEEM it as racist doesn't make it so, infact, even there being legislation in practice (such as the race relations legislation) doesn't make it so (and an actual conservative government would repeal that legislation).

Ad, I don't give a monkeys if it 'scares' you: I'm an intellectual, not a two bit thinker like you - think critically.


No Shane you are arrogant and clearly not that intellectual as you know nothing about me, your comment is way off the mark from who I actually am. You may be able to think critically but not with judgement it seems. I am not here to personalise comments merely to state I find such comments racist in context as does ConHome. I do not believe the left wing media just to counteract your lazy assertion.


No one gives a toss, they care more about the illegal wars you lot support, they want our troops home, they want out of the EU,unlike you lot,they want our people putting first and a stop to foreign aid, unlike you lot, they are sick of the MMGW lie unlike you lot, the BNP have you desperate tories scared,end of. PC wimps.


Let's face it.
If you say stop immigration, like BNP, they call that racism.

If you put a cap on immigrants, like Conservatives, say 10,000 and I'm number 10,001, that's racism.

If you have a points system, like Labour, and I don't get enough points, that's racisim.

Alternatively you could be Lib Dem, open the flood gate and let 'em all in.


Edmonds is an unreformed, out and out Nazi from the Tyndall era. Holocaust denial, actual full-on ideas of racial purity as seen on the video, and I believe he has an old conviction for throwing a chair at someone at an anti-apartheid meeting in the mid 80's. The fact that Griffin is happily canvassing away next to such a person makes it very clear that even if it's unfair to call the rank and file Nazis, the leadership of the BNP hasn't really changed a bit.

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