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April 25, 2010



Not very hard to reveal the disgusting nature of this party!

Robin Tory

I'm no BNP supporter, far from it, but have you seen this?

Simon Hughes @ The GPU October 2008:

Nick Clegg at the same event:



Who cares? The BNP are espousing petty comments, but what is the difference between what these men are saying in this video and the other parties referring to the BNP and its members as 'filth' and 'scum'? Get a grip.


High tory shane is right,who gives a crap.

It doesn't add up...

BNP have already been marginalised at this election. Why waste time on them?


And to add its actually like a broken record that Conservative Home continue to play to the Conservative Home choir,Yes we get it already the BNP are nasty people the fact that you continue to highlight this wont make any difference to the people who vote for them or support their views.

Jack Stone

Personally I think that only people with there eyes and ears closed would be surprised by this. The BNP are a party built on hate by present day Nazis.


Well they just won my vote.

At least someone has got the courage to standi up to the cosy media/political elite which has devasted this country.


You're an idiot, Jack Stone, if you think the BNP are 'Nazis'.


High-Tory-Shane, you write as though you were saying something we don't know.

Jack Stone, idiot (tick) Bears, woods (tick) Pope, Catholic (tick); yes, all is normal. Move along, nothing to see.

Ultimo Tiger

Meh, Griffin and his deputy are quite likely MI5 agents anyway so don't worry.


Interesting you should say that Ultimo... I've always had my suspicions about the BNP (in particular Nick Griffin), it could be argued that their increased presence in UK political life serves a range of establishment agendas vital to maintaining the status quo.

For the record, I don't believe that reptilian-humanoids rule the world.


A little thing called racism Shane you may wish to look it up, your ignorance
scares me!


This video doesn't show any racism, only unsavory language; I cordially suggest YOU look up the word.

Ultimo Tiger

Me and Essexboy think alike. A lot of hardcore nationalist types can't stand Griffin. Plus, his deputy goes by the nickname 5IMon Darby in some circles.

Plus, the accountant Jim Dowson isn't well liked either. He seemed very angry when a bunch of National Front types started asking about him.

Plus, Griffin gets so much coverage. Even though his party was still tiny before the local elections and Euro elections last year he was bigged up as the devil incarnate. Did UKIP even get that much coverage for many years?

Jack Stone

Seems like we have some little visitors from the Nazi Party!


Not unless they've arrived by a time machine, Jack.

Super Blue

"little visitors" - quite right, Jack.


Seems like we have some little visitors from the Nazi Party!

Never mind Jack, ask the nurse to increase your meds you are obviously delusional.

Steve Tierney

Shane - I hate the word "racist" being used to stifle discussion and to incorrectly identify behaviour. But I disagree with you - this was not just nasty language but a clear example of racism. His views, as expressed here, are abhorrent in the extreme. This is not a man to defend.


Honestly Shane you scare me you really do! If you don't think those comments are racist I despair.


You know what? I don't care if they're racist. This country is on its knees and we need the BNP to sort it out.


That's right David lets not have a proper balanced immigration policy which recognises things have got out of control and we need to be much tougher. Lets not completely look at and overhaul the way people come into this country making sure they follow our laws and way of life integrating properly. No lets abuse someone because of the colour of their skin!


You will hear the same private comments in any pub - so what.


The BNP is the only party standing up firmly against multi-culturalism and mass immigration.

They are not a serious party of government but that is not the point.

Every extra vote that they receive makes the voice for the end of multi culturalism and mass immigration louder and harder to ignore.

Nothing I see or hear from the Conservatives suggests to me that their policis on immigration and multi culturalism are not simply more of the same.

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