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April 13, 2010


Jack Stone

Doesn`t exactly invoke my confidence!


They are a right wing bunch of goons

Jack Stone

God it looks awful. Like something out of a nineteen fifty archive.


Whilst Rome burns the failed old parties use a watering can:


Andrew Smith

I think the fever got to HayBlue today - pollen? Must have been a mirage so next tome try a cool room.

BTW, have you ever read any UKIP policy documents. Where is the "right wing" or "goon[-ish]" content? I think it reflects what most Tories would want Dave to support.

I see your leader is again trying to look Eurosceptic; polling must be telling him how many votes he is losing to UKIP. His claims that he was disappointed with no referendum on Lisbon is risible - in fact I will laugh "ho ho". If he gets elected and wants to have a referendum - he can. YES, he can!

Just pass the legislation and we can have a few weeks to argue about it, his party will split and UKIP will win. But at least we will know for sure where we stand.

And any future PM (not dave, I'll wager) could go to Brussels with chest puffed out instead of tail between legs; he could tell them what our future relationship would be not beg them for some crumbs (like Wilson) so as to pretend about renegotiation.

John Coles

Like it or not, UKIP is the Conservative Party's "lost tribe". Because Mr Cameron cannot stand them (probably as a result of his class attitude) he has shown utter contempt toward UKIP.
Had he dealt sensibly with the Lisbon treaty, then the Conservative party would now have a commanding lead and be polling around 45%.
And Jack - it's "inspire" not "invoke".

Denis Cooper

So he's like most of the electorate, then.

David MacDonald

UKIP’s leadership acknowledges that there is a terrible hole in our finances whereas the Roons just pull the carpet over it and hope no-one will notice.

Jack Stone

From the comments above its clear that David was totally right!

Sally Roberts

"Lord Pearson admits he gets "completely lost with the squillions and the billions and the trillions" of public spending"

I await with bated breath Mr Richard Calhoun asking the KIPPERS detailed questions about THEIR economic policy!


The worst crime of all in the demonology of Blue Labour is to be "right wing", which is of course the same as being "racist". The Nero of Notting Hill and his goons and minders hate and smear traditional Conservatives because they themselves admire Labour who are very left wing.


Who would make the better Chancellor - UKIP's Professor Tim Congdon the internationally respected economist or the Conservatives George "never had a real job" Osbourne?

Super Blue

Quite right, Sally - the Scandinavian you have named is equally clueless.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I no longer much time for the Kippers but like Lord Rannoch I too am not exactly an expert on the billions or trillions that are flung about by economists etc and their arcane jargon. The ordinary man in the street, of which I am one, is bored out of his box with high level economics and all its manifold theories, many of which do not work in real life and cannot equate to the telephone number figures quoted.

Instead bring it down to ground floor street level, the economics of the shopping basket, the petrol tank, the mortgage, the family holiday, the occupational or private pension. That way the ordinary voter will take an interets in this important but dull as dishwater subject.

Abstruse and highly technical economics bores the bejesus out of me,and I have been interested in Politics for over 40 years now. No wonder it is such a turn-off for the average elector!

Peter T

But Lord Pearson is right. We have entered the world of funny money where I challenge anybody to really get their head around the figures quoted. In all honesty can you really understand what a trillion pounds actually means or is. We must find a way to bring these sums down to earth where they can be related to day to day experiences and thus drive home to the populace just what a financial mess Brown has got us into and why he must never be allowed to get near the nations coffers again.


"I await with bated breath Mr Richard Calhoun asking the KIPPERS detailed questions about THEIR economic policy!"


Have you any idea what the Tory economic policy is ????

Best Wishes

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