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April 21, 2010


Jack Stone

Hilarious. Like his party the man is a complete joke.

Make mine a Double !

Perhaps he was 'jet lagged' again.

Justin Downes

I don't want to be cruel but whilst we know of the successful and influential business career Pearson
enjoyed we have little to guide us on your own successes.
All we have are your various posts, which frankly don't give us much cause for faith in your judgments on people and things

j k

this is cringe-worthy and hilarious!


What trivia! Nobody bloody cares; Pearson became too emotional because of the incessant demand to talk about picayune issues..... who cares.


I know the policy of UKIPs In Re the EU .
That`s all that matters - they want out .

Bedd Gelert

If you think this is bad, listen to his 'Election Call' slot with Martha Kearney on Radio 4.

No doubt available on iPlayer - a real 'car-crash'..

Tim White

Pity the poor campaign manager who has to decide between Farage and Pearson for media slots

Super Blue

This is worse than Kinnock (R4, World at One): "I'm not going to be bloody kebabbed", which I understand to be no longer available.

David Galea

UKIP would remove European Union from UK

Andrew Smith

Yes, I heard him with Martha Kearney on Radio 4. He was far too polite to her and callers as a result of which he was constantly interrupted.

Having heard Cable on the lunchtime slot earlier, I was amazed at the difference. Cable was able to spout 2 whole sentences at one point without any interruptions - you remember what sentences are and how long they take! No interruptions. He must have been canonised already!

Andrew Smith

Heard the video now. Pearson seems to me to have answered the aggressive questions quite well.

What a silly question to a party leader enquiring whether they personally have had conversations about recruiting individuals. Do they do that when interviewing LabLibCon leaders - "how many people have you asked if they want to be teachers, policemen, etc". Of course they don't.

It seems to me Pearson handled it well.

If ConHome is looking for embarrassment, what about Ken Clark giving the markets the gitters and putting Osborne into a position he was unable to defend in the debates tonight.


Lord Pearson can make this and many other gaffes, but it wont stop EUrosceptics giving UKIP their votes at this election.
We`ve limited interest in retired policemen and other sundries, we want out, and the CONservatives under the spiv Cameron aint going to give us that.

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