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April 25, 2010


Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Is anyone South of the Border really that interested in Mr Salmond and the SNP etc? As far as I am concerned their only impact that would interest me would be if they managed to break into Labour's Tribal Heartlands in the Lothians, Fife and especially Glasgow and the South West of Scotland or are they destined to be only a "Highlands and Islands" party. They cannot significantly affect the Conservative Party as we only have one Scottish Seat these days and will do well to hold it and win its neighbour Dunfries and Galloway and just possibly one more either Ayr or East Renfrewshire.

I feel he is wasting good money on this and I feel that his challenge will be thrown out of Court.

Ultimo Tiger

I love this little fat fish. You could slap his face all day while yelling "Hail Longshanks".

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Possibly Ultimo, he could be our secret weapon. If we ever want an Independent England, as I do, without a tranche of Scots MPs coming down to Westminster, refusing to answer the West Lothian Question, and voting in English Affairs then the success of Salmond may be the means to that end.


My enemy's enemy is my friend. I view the Gollum of British Politics in much the same that Churchill viewed Stalin post-June 1941. His pathetic manifesto is to selfishly grab as much taxpayers' cash as he can for Scotland. That's it. What a comedown from the Declaration of Arbroath.

Scarlet Majors

The Labour Party utterly cock up the UK part 91223.

When Gordon Brown & Darling Darling signed the Scottish Claim of Right asserting Scottish interests as foremost before the interests of the joint UK national interest.

When both Plaid Cymru and the SNP state that they will assert regional self-interest before all joint national interest.

When the Unionists in NI bribe themselves into UK state subsidised economic cuckoo land.

Then something gives. But not for much longer.


We are back. And grumpy.

Dave Johnson

I know why he's mounting a challenge. It's because in the great scheme of things he's a pathetic little nobody

David McEwan Hill

What a pathetic selection of whinging insults from silly little people who obviously don't understand that Scotland,apart from being one third of the UK's landmass also is providing the only collateral which allows Brown's Labour to borrow the monumenatal sums of money to keep afloat the bust Btitish economy. UK's debt is rising a the rate of £500million PER DAY and is unsustainable. As at the time of Black Friday and the failed Labour gevernment last time round only Scottish oil provides the security for the loans for a UK whose debt and economy is actually worse than Greece's

I would encourage the sort of stupid sentiment to be found on this post. The sooner we in Scotland are shot of underproductive,overpopulated and bust England the better

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

David, you could go Independent tomorrow if it was up to me! Goodbye and thanks for all the whisky!

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