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March 03, 2010


Mark W

Shows UKIP up as the respectable racist party. Even if I have some sympathy with what Farage was saying his arguement was destroyed when he made personal insults against rumpey bumpey and his nation. No this is not what is said in Parliament I have never heard David Cmaeron go on about the fact Brown is Scottish or about his nation and this type of behaviour would be mosty unwelcome in the House of Commons.


He was right though.

And the sight of Rompoy's face, all little man weasel expression, eyes darting hither and thither, was worth it's weight in gold.

David Roberts

Why am I not amazed that Europe should fine Farage about his transgression whilst they, themselves, commit the far, far greater sin of ignoring national referenda (and their own rules) to fix elections to get the answers they want?

What a bunch of sad corrupt hypocrits really rule us!


What a lot of cobblers! Nigel Farage was saying what the majority of English people would like to say but have not got the opportunity. Perhaps if Cameron had more balls then he would say that it is the Scots and Welsh that keep Labour in power and able to destroy our country and I say that as a Scot. I had never heard of Herman Van Rompuy before he was 'placed' in the presidency and I like many do not want anything to do with the european union!!!

Grumpy Old Man

Farage may have been OTT with his insults, but his rationale was spot-on. Political non-entities have been chosen so that it's "business as usual" for the non-elected bureaucrats who will continue to carry on with and strengthen the "post-democratic" rule over Europe.

Bearing in mind that 2/3 of the UK electorate are Eurosceptic, Farage's rant will be seen by many as, "Speaking up for Britain",and has delivered him a degree of MSM coverage close to an election which is many times the worth of the £2700 fine. He definitely got the best of the bargain, and put the Speaker under real threat of losing his seat.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Quite right too! As a mild Eurosceptic I have no great love for the EU or for its President but he should be paid the respect that his office requires and should not have been personally insulted to his face as was the case from Farage. I hope that John Bercow slaughters him in Buckingham in a few weeks time!


So why wasn't Vince Cable seen as rude or seen as making a personal attack on Gordon Brown calling him Stalin and Mr Bean.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Brown can respond and pay back such remarks, as far as I know Van Rompuy could not do this.

Victor Southern

a-tracy - there is no resemblance at all in the two attacks. St. Vincent was being amusing, Farage was being boorish and showed himself to be a pin-striped fool.

I say that as a Eurosceptic. Politeness costs little.

Sally Roberts

All points of principle aside - Farage behaved disgracefully. Van Rompuy may be disliked by many, but he is the holder of an office and that office should be accorded the appropriate respect.
It must have been very embarassing for fellow Britons in the Chamber (and in the full clip one can observe Timothy Kirkhope holding his head in his hands!) and brings discredit on our country.

michael mcgough

"he should be paid the respect that his office requires "

If he had been elected I'd agree but he wasn't.
He's a placeman like Kellner .


Nigel apologises to bank clerks:


Nicholas Keen

The office should not be held in any respect whatever, but human beings of any stripe should. My first thought was, "Is he drunk?".

Attack the policies, not the person.

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