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February 25, 2010



That is a real leader, what's the chances of David Cameron doing this? zero.

John Moss

Absolute loon!

This is just the sort of bullying, arrogant, personal cheap attack you would expect from the Keep Labour in Power/UKI Party.

Hopefully it will have lost them another 1-2% of their already shrinking vote!


Now THAT'S what we want to hear. This should boost Farage's election chances. He is exactly what we want in parliament, with the added bonus that he would be turfing out the odious Bercow.


It was rude, it was crude, it was childish, but it was all true : and I loved it!

Moreover, in terms of base politics it got Nige all over last night's TV news and this morning's radio which a more finely nuanced critique of the Belgian nobody would not have done.


Downright abuse does have a rightful place in politics, and this was a delightful example. Nigel Farage also pointed out the scandalous lack of real democracy in the EU, which is, of course, the key point.
The truth about the UK's almost complete emasculation and the now overriding control the EU has over it in every policy area is never explicitly stated in the House of Commons. Farage would be explicit, and I believe would be a catalyst for change. For this reason I fervently hope he will be successful in Buckingham.

Paul Biggs

Well said Nigel - Rompuy is another EU waste of time, space and money.

Tom FD

Very entertaining but I think he went a bit OTT. Mind you I suppose it is quite appropriate that one should hold the EU President that nobody voted for in complete contempt.

Lindsay Jenkins

Yes it was strong but Nigel Farage is right. His last sentences were devastating.

Here is a socialist state without democracy and power centralised. What is that if not fascism?

James Trent

Top marks to Farage. Let's hope he kicks Bercow out and starts making such statements in Westminster and exposing the treachery of the main three parties here. What he is doing is precisely what the Conservatives should be doing. Couple of speeches like that and Dave would be hokme and dry. Not going to happen though is it?


Was it another "emotional outburst", I saw it and while I might agree with the sentiment re the post, I do not see how it advanced the debate or moves us towards a removal from the European idea, which will not benefit the UK. Childish outbusrts about how someone looks are rather boring and certainly does not increase the perception that politicians are mature responsible people. Mr Farage, came across as petulant, arrogant and dare I say it bullying. I want out of Europe, but I want it to be done in a mature sensible way.

Henry Mayhew

At 10.03 this morning there are 10 comments on this speech and none on George Osborne's launch of his economic policy.


A real politician putting in a real performance against a corrupt political class. Farage was brilliant.

Contrast Farage with a wet lettuce like Timoth Kirkhope. No contest.

Super Blue

He obviously spent some considerable time in the bars and restaurants of Brussels first. Perhaps there would be more comment on GO's speech if 'kippers understood economics.


I dont think that we can withdraw from the E.U. in a mature and sensible way. The days of working towards an amicable divorce are long gone. We will have to claw and scratch our way out. The lib/lab/con parties have not got the backbone for such a fight so they will have to make way for a party that has.


Well said Nige.

Mind you, you're on the crap list from now on in. The EU and its apparatchiks take themselves very, very seriously. They are the new royalty, the political elite, who are so sorely annoyed that they do not have a modern day version of the Gestapo with which to gag and interfere with any opposition.

Watch for a stitch up and a new charge of bringing the political elite into disrepute by running them down in any manner, even comical.

These people are enslaving this nation to a tyrannical system based on the Code Napoleon, we must insist on our right to a referendum.

Nigel, continue the fight.


Person branded 'a fruitcake and a loony' by conservative leader insults someone....

fancy that, outrageous, never ought to be allowed in a civilised society etc etc

stephen s

Nigel is a good rabble rouser, but lets himself down by increasingly acting in a yobbish and adolescent way.

He is no friend of ours!

stephen s


No friend of whose? The Conservative Party!

Sally Roberts

Rude, undignified ranting - but hilarious as only Nigel can be!

What brought tears of laughter to my eyes was observing the reactions of others around him - especially Mr Kirkhope holding his head in his hands.

Farage does himself absolutely no favours by this kind of performance except to provide the kind of entertainment we normally get at the circus.

David MacDonald

Sally, it was fun as you seem to agree. There was also the valid point this nonentity EU "President" is paid more than the President of the USA!

Just wait till Nigel gets his teeth into Bercow!

Anyway, like it or not, it was a deliberate calculated move to get UKIP back into the headlines as we run up to the GE and it succeeded. But don’t be deceived, we in UKIP are deadly serious in our aims.

You can see NF on BBC Question Time Tonight, after the 10 pm News.


I found it slightly unedifying but what he says in essence is true, I think he can speak for a majority of the British people with confidence when making such statements to Von Rompuy.

Interesting that the European political elite are so ready to pour scorn on him, yet more evidence of the lack in democracy at the heart of the European project, if your opinion doesn't suit then they don't want to know, which has already been shown with the referendum results in 3 countries.

Denis Cooper

The Tories repeatedly, and correctly, stated that unless it was approved in the promised referendum the Lisbon Treaty would have no democratic legitimacy in this country.

Starting with Hague in the House of Commons on November 12th 2007:

"... we would have a new treaty in force that lacked democratic legitimacy in this country and in our view gave the EU too much power over our national policies. That would not be acceptable to a Conservative Government and we would not let matters rest there; the right hon. Gentleman can be assured of that."

through to the Conservative manifesto for the EU Parliament elections in May 2009:

"... And if the Constitution is already in force by then, we have made clear that in our view political integration in the EU would have gone too far, the Treaty would lack democratic legitimacy, and we would not let matters rest there."

and right up to Cameron's formal capitulation on November 4th 2009.

Therefore even if the process laid down by the Lisbon Treaty meant that Rumpy-Pumpy had been elected, rather than appointed, he would still have no democratic legitimacy in this country.

Now the Tories have rolled over and gutlessly accepted the Lisbon Treaty as a fait accompli which has, presumably, thereby miraculously acquired the democratic legitimacy which they previously said it would lack, and some of them are are even prepared to treat with deference a man who owes his position to a gross abuse of the democratic process both here and in other EU countries.

So my reaction is to say bloody well done to Nigel Farage for sticking it to him to his face, and shame on those Tories who criticise him.

And they shouldn't ever dare to talk about "democracy" again, now that they've accepted that this country will be governed through a treaty which has no democratic legitimacy.

James Trent

Penfold @ 10:30 am

There is already a criminal offence in place which would serve their purpose. "Insult or resistance to a representative of public authority"


No doubt they will start using it on people like Farage soon. Bear it in mind next time you are berating some useless council jobsworth.

Andrew Smith

Aside from the unfortunate insult to bank clerks, this was good politics. The description of Rompoul's (?sp) presentation as damp dishcloth was restrained.

I agree that abuse can be a useful tool in politics but I am not sure this counts as abuse. It was an attempt to describe an insignificant man.

What has been abuse included Michael Howard on eurosceptics in 2005 and the skin-head jibes about Hague. Neither of them were proper at the time but the authors got away with it and the descriptions have been used by the press ever since.

How else would Farage have got the chance to alert the people and media to a serious infringement of our democracy and the appointment behind closed doors of an unimpressive, overpaid Belgian to rule 500 million of us.

Pity Shirley Williams and Fern Brittain hogged the microphone so Farage could not explain himself when invited onto Radio 2 to do just that! The first public contribution was a caller who proceeded to insult Farage without challenge.

Anyone who has met Farage knows he treats everyone the same and he is entirely civilised without any hint of the racism often thrown casually in his direction. But woe betide you if you talk rot or fail to live up to your role when he is around - Remploy learned what happens.


What a foul little man he is

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