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February 15, 2010



About six months ago when it was mooted that the BNP might have to do this, someone suggested lightheartedly (not expecting it ever to happen) that were it to, then new members should join from every possible race of every possible colour, to create an enlarged and "rainbow" BNP: then, those new members could stand for the managment ranks of the party, get elected and take over the BNP.

Oddly, that's actually now quite viable : so come on, wouldn't it be great to do that ? If you have any sense of the absurd, come on let's go for it - we just need lots of people of Jamaican, Trinidadian, Nigerian, Indian... whatever reams of other backgrounds to get on and join the BNP ... you can quickly outnumber the "Barking mafia" that run it now, and take control of it. Then rename it to the British Bye-Bye to Nazism Party (the BBBNP).

It would be well worth it.. just think of the look you could achieve on Nick Griffin's face. You could give him a new job role - called "multicultural integration ambassador".

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