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January 08, 2010



They have not just damaged themselves, their party but they have also hurt the unionist cause.

The first minister should resign once and appropriate replacement has been selected. There is no way his deputy a former IRA commander should take the job.


I thought there was too much information from Mr Robinson.

He has decided to support his wife. Well done to him. That being his decision, he need not have spoken about feeling betrayed and so on. John and Norma Major are a beacon on how to deal with these things.

I wish them (the Robertson's) well....although I hope people in NI vote UUP/Conservative/ New Force.


Abuse of public office, and solicitation of contributions from property developers in an area where the Robinsons control planning permission.

Clear cut case of corruption. Time to go. However much Westminster hated Paisley they did not find him fraudulent; and each time Paisley found tentative agreement on power-sharing he had Peter Robinson in the background stirring up trouble.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

A rotting corpse is lifted out of its ccffin. Do I recogise the cadaver? Oh dear me, it is Sir Reg "Empty" the sole relic of a once great party, the UUP. Someone send this wraith on to the next life. He and his Party are no longer relevant to the Ulster situation, that is now for DUP and Sinn Fein/IRA to determine. UK Conservatives should have nothing to do with this old man or his sad party.

Matthew Reynolds

I am glad that the Iain Paisley fan club have not only been exposed as a pack of sectarian bigots but also as hypocrites as well.Protestantism is not very nice at all and this proves it.Their creed is just so negative all the time and seems designed to foster fear & hate rather than love for God.

As a Catholic who has been infuriated by the lies told about the true Holy & Apostolic Church by Paisley & his fans there is much poetic justice in this.People do not like feeling that they have been lied to.The affair was just disgusting-I mean the age gap for a start.But the financial stuff seems really fishy.

Someone should tell Iris Robinson that shrill attacks on gays will not gain new converts for Christ.Reasoned arguments about how Faith makes sense of the world coupled with prayer and setting a good example might help others believe.


Matthew Reynolds, you get converts to Christ by preaching the truth of the Gospel, and that includes repentance from sin. Not that I guess Mrs Robinson was trying to get converts, merely just making a statement reflecting unchanging truth on the particular matter of homosexuality – strongly put, yes, in which she sees the ‘act’ of homosexuality as comparable to sexual abuse of children.

On another point about this matter, compare & contrast the BBC's 'front-page' treatment and pursuit of Mr and Mrs Robinson’s sins, while Harriet Harman's conviction of breaking the law is missed. Yes, Mr Robinson is NI First Minister and there may be implications for the NI process, but Harman is, um, Deputy PM. How the BBC and the rest of the lib/left must hate the Robinsons for their conservative/traditionalist views. Harman's anti-Christian anti-family agenda must be much more the BBC’s and lib/left’s cup of tea.



seem to have flushed out some bigots...

Well hello Philip. Tell me, for i am genuinely interested to know, how it is that the passages of the Old Testament condemning homosexuality are gospel truth whilst those instructing the stoning to death of rebellious children are not? Also if you have any views on what the 50 pieces of silver to be paid by the rapist of a child to the father of the child might be, in todays money adjusted for inflation i would be interested in that to...

much homo love


Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Leaving aside the religious debates, to my mind the Conservative Party should stay clear on involvement in Ulster Politics in general and the moribund has-been UUP in particular. They are an echo of a bygone age. The two big movers there today are DUP and Sinn Fein-Ira. Politically there is nothing to be gained for the Tories in taking part in Reg Empey's last stand. My advice to David Cameron is stay out of that cockpit.


Neil, (if its not too late to respond) responding to the Gospel ("Good News") involves repentence from any known sin (and there are many), not just one particular one practiced by a minority. As we all 'fall short' in various ways, we're all in the same boat as regards needing redemption and God's grace.

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