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January 08, 2010



"And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson..."

Strange how the song sticks in the mind Cute young guy, dirty older religious woman.. no guesses to the sort of kinky things that went on in the bedroom between these two.

Justin Hinchcliffe

She should be prosecuted and sent to jail, the nasty old bigot.


The Moral Brigade always slip up in the end! Justin is right, she is a 'nasty old bigot'.

Super Blue

"Are you trying to seduce me, Mrs. Robinson?"

Mr Angry

Let's be honest here the BBC only chose to go after iris Robinson because of her deeply unpleasant and unacceptable views regarding gay men.

So are we ever going to see the BBC investigate someone who is dodgy but left wing, or otherwise of the same opinions as the BBC's employees, or look into the "business practices" of a section of the community that they currently pander to, British Muslims for example?

Tom FD

Mr Angry you seem to be operating from the assumption that all politicians have done something rotten like this that they've until now kept secret, and unless they are investigated they will never come out. Personally I liken this case with the case of Baroness Patricia Scotland, who made something a criminal offence and then committed that offence (disgrace, hypocrisy, lawbreaker). Robinson has made a moral crusade of declaring how people should have sex with each other without having disclosed her own frankly more shocking bedroom antics (which in her case involve infidelity, misappropriation of public money, and a boy less than a third of her age). Disgrace, hypocrisy, lawbreaker.


Revulsion, reflected on this thread, against Mrs Robinson's sins with the young man is right and understandable.

I can see Mr Angry’s point that the BBC went after her only because of the views she expressed on homosexuality (she had made statements in which she compared the ‘act’ of homosexuality to sexual abuse of children – i.e. presumably she meant in terms of the seriousness of these sins). I add, compare & contrast the BBC’s 'front-page' treatment and pursuit of Mr and Mrs Robinson’s sins, and their ignoring (not reported on World Tonight and cannot find on website) Harriet Harman's conviction of breaking traffic laws. Yes a traffic offence seems trivial to Mrs Robinson’s sins, and Mr Robinson is NI First Minister, (but Harman is Deputy PM), but how the BBC and the rest of the lib/left must be rubbing their hands in glee at the Robinsons being ‘caught’, and they must hope, brought down. The BBC and lib/left must hate the Robinsons' conservative/traditionalist views, while Harman's equality/diversity agenda against Christianity would be much more in line with their views.

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